Apr 2011

CensorshipAnd why it is stupid...

So, there is very concrete talk about censure-ship in many of the EU countries. This starts out with blocking sites like The Pirate Bay and sites that are affiliated with illegal things like child-pornography, making bombs with home-materials and such things.

But the content of those sites is illegal!

Indeed they are, but blocking them does nothing but making the perpetrators move underground in their approach. I'm all for tracing people who do bad things and getting them in front of a judge. In fact, I applaud it! However, censure-ship is not the solution for these kinds of cases.

Where does it end?

So, first some major sites get blocked, then e-mail traffic is monitored. And... oh hey, happen in the western countries.

I wonder how long those articles will stay put.

Who polices who...

Or who watches the watchers? Who controls which sites are good for the populace? Oh the government? Yeah, they know exactly what is good for us, I'm sure. It's only a matter of time until websites with 'differently sexual' people are blocked, because they contain offensive material. (like 2 men that just got married, kissing)

If you're afraid, you have something to hide...

Yeah yeah, I've heard it all before. You shouldn't be afraid to be watched, if you're afraid it means you've got something to hide. Well, here is my answer for you, mister Joe Average. Do you want your daughter to be watched in the shower by a random guy at the police station? Do you want your boy to be recorded while he changes for gym? No? But they don't have anything to hide, do they? Oh, so you mean it's not really appropriate to watch them?

Exactly, point made.

/rant - Sorry, just wanted to get this off my chest.

Update in 2018

So, it's still going on and getting worse...

This was linked to me by the owner of this blog, and it's a good view of how bad it's getting.