Feb 2021

Enhancing safety and privacy featuresHow could I improve?

Hello, as you maybe know, I am Nimja. I’ve got a website with hundreds of files, a YouTube channel and many fun visuals and interactive scripts.

However, running a big website like that is a challenge to do safely. I do my best to make everything safe to enjoy and to listen to, no matter how people encounter my work.

It would be awesome if you can help me make it even better by telling me what I might have missed.

The things I have done

Age Restriction

It is very important that on every platform that allows it, age-verification (or restriction) is done.

It would be great to see more creators also do this.

  • On my YouTube - Anything even vaguely kink or erotic-related is marked as age-restricted
  • On my Patreon - The profile is set to adult content, which provides a warning and has some limitations.
  • On my Discord - Age-verification is arranged through Patreon, non-patrons cannot be on my server.

No Advertising

Having advertising on hypnosis audios/videos, where people ideally go into a suggestible state, is just wrong.

No tracking or 3rd parties (facebook, google, twitter, etc.)

Because online privacy is incredibly important, the site has no integration with any third parties. This means that people's actions on the site are not visible to or tracked by their social networks.

Informing listeners

A lot of effort has been done to make informing yourself about what you are listening/watching as easy and transparent as possible.

  • Full transcripts - available (usually within a week) for every file.
  • Descriptions, warnings, tags and intended effects - Quick overview of the effect of a file and allow for easy filtering to highlight (or hide) what you want.
  • Tutorials and safety guidelines - A help page with information for new listeners: https://hypno.nimja.com/help
  • Reset & Safety files - Multiple files to help with recovery after anything intense or unpleasant.

There is more information here: Audio File Safety - Keeping My Listeners Safe

Feedback positive

  • Continuous progress - Feedback is listened to and implemented as quickly as possible. Thanks to your feedback, much of the above has happened!
  • Anonymous feedback form - People can leave comments, feedback and complaints anonymously.

Options I won’t do

Age-gating on the site

Having an age-gate with "fill in your year of birth here" is a hassle for visitors, ineffective and counts as personal data under GDPR, which requires permission. Anything more serious would cause even more issues and people don't really use it.

How could I improve?

Do you have any ideas? How could I make everything even safer for people to enjoy?

Feel free to comment, use the contact form (anonymous or not) or whatever other way to contact me on FetLife, Reddit, Discord, the site, YouTube or elsewhere.

Thank you.