Feb 2010

How longMinutes to pixels

Partly as an excuse and explanation of why there are no stories sometimes but also to enlighten my audience about important things:
How long does it (or do I) take to make something on this site?


Chapters are written at fairly random times (if I do have time), and usually not planned far ahead.


3-5 hours, 1800+ words. This takes by far the longest of the stories. It is the only one I do full editing on, meaning I re-read and edit the whole chapter after I'm done writing.

Frozen Youth & Twilight

1-2 hours, 800+ words. Easier to write, because the chapters are much shorter and I don't re-read things like I do with Catherine. This is of course easier, but also makes it less detailed, usually.

Zombie Glasses

1 hours, 200+ words. The only story I don't have a fixed minimum size for, mostly written for fun and silliness. But that's important too!


This varies quite a bit depending on original material and/or work.


1-3 hours. Varies heavily per comic and how much 'new' drawing needs to be done for each comic. Text effects might look simple, but usually they do require a bit of ingenuity. Most of the time multiple comics are made at the same time.


3-24+ hours. This varies even more, depending on the scope of the project. Usually worked on in separate chunks. A lot of projects change quite a bit in their lifetime as well.

Drawings, Manipulations, Renders

1-24+ hours. Like interactives, some of these are done over multiple periods of time, evolving as they go along. Some are much easier when an idea is crystal clear in my head.


3-24+ hours. It's hard to tell how long I really take for music. Even when I sit down a song is often worked on for several hours spread out over a few days to re-listen and tweak.

Wow, looking back at all of this, I'm not so lazy after all!