Sep 2010


Insulting a computer-savvy person (also known as nerd) is not too difficult. But it is more fun if you insult a person specifically tailored to their world, their lingo. So, without much further delay; I present to you, a list if nerdy insults.

Every insult should be read as: You .... !

  • annoying alliteration addict
  • backup barcode backronym
  • crazy cache cannibal
  • depressing drive daemon
  • eavesdropping echelon economizer
  • factorial fault-tolerant feature
  • generic gauss garbage
  • half-duplex hashing handshake
  • illegal iframe icon
  • javascript jitter job
  • kilobyte knowledge key
  • leetspeaking lisp loader
  • malfunctioning monochrome monitor
  • nonfunctional null netmask
  • obfuscating object-oriented oscillator
  • peripherical passphrase philistine
  • quantum qwerty queue
  • redundant read-only RAM
  • slow slobbering slave of >insert evil company name here<
  • transcripted token tarball
  • uncompressed uppercase USER
  • virtual vector virus
  • webcast wallpaper
  • xenophobic XML tag
  • yak-shaving yahoo
  • z-buffering zombie

It's funny really, you could use any old thing as an insult. You worn out rubber insulation ring!

ps. I assume it's common knowledge that a fair few comic makers have used 'new' insults to get around PG-ratings.

pps. I put way too much effort into this.