Sep 2010

Once Upon A WaveNew Technology

As some of you may know, I'm quite the techy. I adore new technology and to see what it can do. And, once upon a time, I had great hopes for Google Wave.

E-mail and Instant Messaging is two sides of one coin that could be horrendously improved. And Google tried, with Wave. But they made 2 major mistakes.

For a tool that's dependant on a community, it was horrendously incompatible with outside systems (MSN, Yahoo, e-mail, etc.) If they made the same system connected to all of those, it would have been much more convenient.

Invite only to begin with. Yeah, when Gmail was introduced, having 2GB of storage space was unheard of, so much so that everyone WANTED an invite, even when they barely knew about it. Introducing a new 'communication tool' however, would have been better with a completely open beta.

The idea behind it is now mostly scrapped and will move to 'collaborative document editing' in the Google Apps. While that's a good thing, as such, it is a shame that we still haven't moved on to quotes in quotes in quotes in quotes for e-mail replies or the mostly terrible support of "off-line messaging" with IM's.