Oct 2010

Intelligent DesignReally?

Intelligent Design?

The most intelligent design is the one that works forever. One could argue that evolution would oppose the idea of intelligent design, but that's not really true. Before I continue, understand that I do not follow any definable religion but I do consider there to be several layers to existance. But let's go back to design for a moment.

So you want to have matter. Are you going to make matter like a statue? Perfectly modeled but unable to ever change, or would you go for lego bricks? Perhaps a little cruder, but able to be rearranged into any needed shape. Atoms, protons, quarks, etc. they are the lego bricks of nature. They continuously are rearranged through all kinds of events all around us. Even in our body alone, the transformation of substances is staggering. Pretty intelligent.

But was it done on purpose?

Well, let's take the next step, from atoms to life. This is where things become a little trickier. If atoms have the natural tendency to automatically group together with other complex molecules into something that becomes life (an amoebe), this should happen almost everywhere in the universe at once. If it only happened here (which, considering the residu of bacteria from Mars seems unlikely) it's just an off chance. But if atoms were designed to go that way, it would, very intelligently, happen all over the universe.

Evolution is the most intelligent design of all, it seems.

It works itself out, it creates the best solution for the situation at hand. But the question remains: Was it done on purpose.

Honestly, I don't know.

What I do know is that no matter if our world is designed originally, it was not designed with this specific goal in mind. Even if we are 'made after our creator' it does not mean we bear his looks. I think it just means that our freedom, our creativity and intelligence, bear similarities to the origin.

But that's just me.