Oct 2010

The PC GamePolitically (in)Correct

This is a game I came up with after being annoyed with the media for the Nth time changing something perfectly normal: 'disabled' into 'differently abled'.

So I designed: The PC Game (patent unpending)

2 players or more.

The point of the game is to create a PC(politically correct) term for a 'profession', taken very liberally, or other agreed on subject and make it sound convoluted. Part of the fun is to make positive things (police, teachers, etc.) seem negative and vice-versa.

A random player starts with a term (see examples) and the rest has to guess what it really is. The player who guesses the answer may go next. If needed, rotate the turns.

Free-lance over-population solution provider.
mass murderer

Government sanctioned youth brainwasher.

Highly-paid Hierarchical Dictator

The right answer is not always the one you initially thought of either. For example, instead for the first one, "hit man", "assassin" or similar would also be correct. The answer has to be in the spirit of your original thought. Sometimes though, people will come up with completely different things for your meanings. Which often provides much amusement.

Advanced mode
Once you get a grip on the game, part of the challenge is to not re-use any terms used. Good for your linguingal development!