Oct 2008

MimjaOr where the name Nimja comes from

The Mimja, part mime, part ninja, fully silent...

He stalks the night, trapped in invisible boxes or hindered by invisible walls. Avoiding invisible shuriken thrown at his head. Both graceful and a bit jerky, the Mimja is a rare apparition in the night. Dressed fully in black with thin white horizontal stripes, it sneaks from room to room to kill you with an imagined knife.

Okay, so most of my thoughts touch on more serious matter, I simply couldn't resist this thought when someone mistyped my name. I also thought I might as well touch on the subject of the name Nimja.

While my name is often associated with Ninjas, it has nothing to do with it. Nimja is actually a translation of my real name into a secret language once used by my little sister. I liked the sound of it so I remembered it and when Nimja.com was not yet taken, I took it and loved it.

It's simple and once rememebered, not easily forgotten.