Oct 2008

The Meaning of LifeBut not the universe and everything...

A question on many people's minds in the course of history is the meaning of life. Most of the successful/popular results of that quest is of course the notion that there is a pre-set meaning of us to discover and follow. But, what if our existance is nothing but a freak occurance in the vastness of space. What if we're not here to do something specifically but just exist, like amoebes in the sea?

If it's true, it doesn't have to be as bleak as most people would initially feel. In fact, there is a simple analogy: Imagine a wanderer in the desert.

That wanderer has no pre-set reason (except maybe survive, like all beings) and has the freedom to do all he wishes to do. Very much like life, right?

Now, that wanderer could give himself a direction to walk in to find, perhaps, someplace different (like water). Any direction is a good one, and almost everything is better than standing still and withering away. Mostly like life as well, where any reason for yourself is good enough to keep yourself going. Sometimes in the desert we meet people and travel with them for a while, going in the same direction. Sometimes we see people going the other way. But who's to say which direction is right?

I suppose my direction is learning and exploring. Which I try to do as much as I can. As a sub-direction I also try to create in any shape or form for fun and feedback.

Well, that's my 2 cents...

Now go find your own direction!