Aug 2008

Perfect is Flawedand flawed is perfect

It is kind of strange how we often think of perfect as 'something without flaws'. But if something is without flaws, it is not real and therefore not perfect. And if flaws make things real, then by implication, someone or something perfect would not be real and worthless.

Then... What is perfection?

Perfect is that everything is as it should be. With or without flaws. A flower is beautiful not because the shape is mathematically perfect, but because it generates a reaction inside of us of appreciation.

For people it's almost the same. Someone is perfect because a person, with all his/her flaws, just fits. That person is someone who completements or completes you without being better or worse.

Of course this does not mean that flaws in themselves mean perfection. They are just streetlights on the road to something fitting, something perfect.