Apr 2010

SurrogatesReplacing IRL

Surrogates. An interesting movie in which people use 'robotic avatars' in real life.

First thought: Who's your biggest enemy? Computer hackers.

Second thought: They don't have any insulation against EMP's?

Third thought: Speaking of power... Wait, better not over-think it.

The problem I usually have with a lot of sci-fi action movies is the lack of science, or rather the generous flirting with science without ever hitting first base. Most of the time. Of course it's always fun to see some CGI magic thrown around for the sake of action and of course Bruce Willis getting his ass kicked by a modern fem-bot is fairly fun.

But yeah... Science.

Most blockbusters tend to see science only as 'the reason for everything' instead of 'a properly explained reason'. Still, even Wanted was fun, despite the bullet flying around the room.

Also, our anonymity is always an interesting subject. What would you do if nothing you did had any consequence. Unfortunately, the answer is all too clear if you look at games, message boards and the like... We're no saints.