Jun 2023

Taking responsibility as a creatorAn intimate experience?

I make erotic hypnosis content that is by its very nature an intimate experience. It’s specifically made to let the listener feel talked to, directly interacted with and focused on.

It is intentionally kept vague in certain places to let people fill in their own details so the story becomes theirs.

It is a fantasy. Something for people to escape or enjoy in the moment itself and then move on.

Like a movie, book or visual novel games.

It is not me the person you are listening to, it is a recording of me.

I take responsibility for the work I create. I avoid several subjects and suggestions, mark content clearly, provide transcripts to view the whole content all in full transparency. I’ve also put disclaimers both on the file pages themselves and there are multiple other warnings on the site.

There is a contact form where people can (even anonymously) correct me or send in suggestions. It has helped to make the site safer for everyone.

I’ve always been taught to respond politely to everyone, because it is the right thing to do. Getting a nice response from me is not special in any way even if it feels special because of what they listened to before.

When I get approached by people who find my work enjoyable and want to share that with me, I’ve at times indulged them because it is also my kink. It’s really fun to be able to discuss things freely and when there is mutual enjoyment among adults, why not?

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm in discussing my kink combined with pre-existing expectations can create issues when unaddressed.

How do I explain the difference between my real self and the fantasy they’ve created in their mind?

If this happens, it’s usually noticeable because of the language they use and it’s easy to clear up. Reminding someone that “my files are not me”, that they shouldn’t give me trust I have not earned or that titles are for established relationships.

A few rare times I’ve had people that could basically be classified as stalkers. Accusing me of hacking their phone or creating tens of accounts just to talk to me. Anonymous emails, random messages to actual threats of violence…

Where do my responsibilities end? How do I handle this?

While it bothers me a lot to see this happen, it is the exception.

I’m glad that I get a lot of positive feedback from the majority of people that are able to enjoy it as it is, a fantasy for them.

I’m sorry that I am not able to perfectly communicate to help you see that what you felt is a fantasy, not something between us as people. I don’t know who you are and I wasn’t personally there while you were listening to a recording of my voice.

I still very much enjoy creating my content. You are often getting a look at some of my more intimate ideas and fantasies. And I get a kick out of that, too. To share something intimate that invites others in.

I will do my best to continue to grow and handle this better.