Oct 2023

Weird ways people have used my fameFame is strange...

As my hypnosis content and name grew in popularity, the chance of someone using it in a weird way, or trying to get people to do things they shouldn't, grew over time. Over the years, I've had some very strange reports from people.

Some of the weird ways people have tried to use my fame or cash in on my work:

  • Pretending to be me, with a similar name or a prefix like "Lord".
  • Pretending to be a "personal friend" of mine.
  • People pretending to work for me and are doing surveys in "how people react" to certain files.
  • Pretending to have made the content/visuals I've made.
  • Stealing my content (copying it somewhere else and cutting the intro).
  • Copying my YouTube channel, including the channel art and icon.
  • Copying or modifying my transcripts and replacing Nimja with their name (and forgetting a few instances of it).

Sadly, most of the time people don't ask me about it, because they assume that I already know.

I often don't.

Whenever something like this happens, no matter what weirdness you see, please Contact me and let me know or at least ask what's going on.

I'd appreciate it a lot.