Jun 2011

Why you'll lovea Marketing ploy

These titles come from the "Why you'll love a Mac" page. It oddly contains some of the things that are 'wrong' with macs. This is also a bit of marketing bashing because Apple, next to making admittedly beautiful PCs, thrives on marketing. And I get rather tired of Apple Fans. Apple makes good stuff and they're pushing the market forward, which is good. But they also do way too much tie-ins and offer much less versatility to the users, compared to Linux/Windows.

Also, only bashing Microsoft gets boring.

It's designed to be a better computer

Better than what? And they mostly last. Yes, mostly. There's plenty of cases where the hardware did fail and not every component is equally good. But you wouldn't know, as you can't open it.

It comes with software you’ll love to use.

Well, yes... It also comes with tons of software I don't care about, just like windows. Pure marketing dribble.

It comes with the world’s most advanced OS.

Which OS is that? BSD, Linux? Alright, in all fairness, the OS (or more specifically, the shell around it) they made is pretty solid. Most Mac's I've seen only need a reboot every month or so. And that is with 'non-savvy' users.

It comes with award-winning support.

While the apple stores make MOST problems indeed a breeze, the help-desk (at least in this country) isn't impressive. Most suppliers have a very solid help-desk as well, again nothing special. - Also... Weren't you supposed to be "without problems" on a mac? Why do you need award-winning support Apple?

It runs Office and works with your existing PC files.

So does Open Office on every OS, for free... Next.

It’s compatible with your stuff.

If it's new enough. They have the same incompatibility problems as Linux (most of the time). But it's good to know that if your printer isn't older than 3 years and uses USB and is a fairly common brand that it will work!

It doesn’t get PC viruses.

Yes it does. There are several viruses for OSX, and the number rapidly grows as the popularity of the OS does. Also newsflash Apple: Macs ARE PCs. PC stands for Personal Computer, no matter how much you want to deny it in your ads.

It’s loaded with the latest technology.

The newest apple computers, yes. So are the newest PC's. It's like saying: Your new car contains new tires, isn't that great?

It runs Windows and Windows applications.[1]

[1]If you're willing to pay separate for a Microsoft Windows 7 license. And you can't do it while running OSX, you have to boot up seperate, so basically if you want to run Windows software, ie. most programs/games, you're buying a pretty screen with decent hardware.

Why would I buy a mac?

  • The hardware is either decent or good.
  • I can install Windows on it.
  • Prices are... okay-ish nowadays. But they really need to change the prices of 'optional' things. 1 TB Hard-disks aren't 500 euros anymore, Apple. And neither is 4GB of memory.
  • The screens are, for the price, quite good and long lasting. Though personally I view the extremely high resolution as a negative, as the hardware can't take it for most modern games.
  • OSX is everything an OS should be (well, mostly). It's fast, sleek, years ahead of the competition and incredibly stable. Their app-management could use some work, but they're definitely heading in the right direction. Although... Unity...

I wonder how many people notice that this is not so much bashing on their quality as it is bashing on their insane and often inaccurate marketing strategies.