Jul 2011

Would you like some Tau?Or do you prefer Pi?

Sometimes one finds things online that are quirky and weird. Then, on other times, one finds this: Tau, better than pi?.

Now, as a programmer, I've been using 2PI as a constant since forever. And I'm interestingly tempted to name it TAU from now on. It's the same amount of letters as 2PI and it makes sense for a lot of calculations.

Aaaaaanyway. I am not here to bore you with that. What I find weird about it is how serious it is. That someones(as there are more than one, run!) can be so enthousiastic about defending a new constant. And, even more odd, is how 'one-sided' the defense is.

Of course, I am all for practicality and, as I mentioned in the second paragraph, it's a good constant to use. But, no one ever learned something from

But, we will see where the Tau will take us.

Oh, incidentally, it would do everyone good to read the List of common misconceptions

Some highlights:

  • The Dark Ages weren't
  • No one believed in Flat earth since long before Columbus
  • Napoleon wasn't as small as you'd think
  • Black holes suck, but not that much
  • Seasons exists because the earth wobbles
  • Lemmings don't mass-suicide
  • Bats aren't blind
  • Glass is not a liquid
  • Your tongue tastes everywhere, and there are 5 primary tastes
  • We have more than 5 senses
  • Waking sleepwalkers is okay
  • There is no year 0
  • Lightning strikes often in the same place

Read it, it's edutainment!