Nov 2008

Chapter 51Angried

The Satyr had spoken softly, but I hoped it hadn't been heard. I knew there wasn't much time anymore. I hung the cloth back as best as I could, taking the picture from memory to mimic exactly how it had been before. In a way it was kind of funny to do something so sneaky as if it was second nature to me. I also got back to where I stood when the Master left the room, what had Deirdre called him, Larim? It wasn't that important, but I made a mental note to ask Deirdre what she'd said.

Less than a minute had passed when the Master returned to the room again. I neatly stood in the center of the room, as if nothing had happened. The Master made his way to his desk again and looked down to see what he was talking about.

"Ah yes, the sender of this letter."

I nodded. "Yes, Master?"

"As I was saying, I don't suppose you can give any clarity on the origin of this letter."

The words came easier than I expected. "I've just been given a piece of gold to deliver this, Master."

He narrowed his eyes. "What city?"

I smiled. "Bleakfield, Master."

He smiled back. "At least you know how to speak to Masters. I have no need for you anymore, be on your way."

"Yes, Master." I bowed politely and turned around to leave the room.

When I went through the door I was slightly surprised to find no Deirdre's present. I started to feel the nerves of this whole situation though. Part of me expected to feel hands on my shoulder any time with guards looking angry at me. But my departure from the castle was less than eventful. People hardly thought I was worth a glance, just another messenger.

Outside of the Castle I started to look for Deirdre. I didn't see her immediately, but after walking a little further I noticed her standing near one of the jewelry market stalls. She was talking excitedly with the stall owner who looked almost harassed by her. I wondered what had happened.

"This is from my family, how did you get this?!" Deirdre's voice was full of anger as well.

"I have a deal with the Pawnshop owner to sell things here and share the profit. It must be one of his!"

Before I could even reach her before she had taken the item, I wasn't even sure what she was holding, and walked quickly to the pawn shop. I looked at the man, reaching out for her but feeling something bigger was going on. I decided to defuse the situation here at least.

"I'm sorry sir, how much were you planning to sell that for?"

The man turned to me with surprise. "Only thee gold pieces, it's nothing special really."

The bystanders looked curious at me but kept to themselves. I just nodded to the man and retrieved three gold pieces from my pouch and gave it to him. "I apologise for her." I though it was best not to give any explanation about our situation and just let their minds fill in any blanks I provided.

The man was surprisingly thankful. "Eh... yes... Thank you young sir."

I nodded and headed after Deirdre. I could feel eyes burning my back with curiosity, surprise and wonder. Part of me grinned as Deirdre and I would be the source of gossip in town tonight. I could only imagine what crazy stories they would come up with. It took me a moment to find the right street for the Pawn shop, and another moment to find the door itself. Of course I could hear Deirdre yelling inside.

"What do you mean you can't remember where this is from? Don't you keep a list?"

I entered the shop and almost smiled at the harassed looking man. He was happy to see me enter as he probably remembered us from yesterday. He looked at me as a savior, causing Deirdre to turn around and see me. She held up what all the fuss was about. It looked like a simple copper urn, used perhaps for small flowers or something else. There was something etched in it, elegant shapes of flowers. Despite the simple metal, it was a nice piece as such. But I suppose very recognisable as well.

She spoke to me. "This is from my parents house, I want to know how they got it."

I nodded, it was important that I keep my cool here. I walked towards her and looked her in her eyes. "Alright, but calm down."

She blinked at me but nodded demurely. I stepped past her and stood in front of her, facing the pawn shop owner. Behind my back I held Deirdre's hand in mine to help her calm down. I could feel the cold metal together with her warm skin. Was she shaking?

"What can you tell me?" I tried to sound in command. The stark contrast with Deirdre's panic must have made it sound even better than it was.

The man nodded to me and looked at his books. He leafed back in them until he found the page he was looking for. "I bought this three weeks ago from a young man, selling this for money. It didn't sell here, so I gave it to the stall owner like we do with many things."

I smiled. "How much did you pay for it?"

The man hesitated for a moment. "Five silver pieces."

I grinned. "Some profit is coming your way then, I paid three gold for it." I turned to Deirdre and nodded. "We're going."

She wasn't happy about it, which was obvious. But she'd calmed down enough to keep with me and follow me out of the store. As soon as we were back in the street again she spoke to me softly, wanting not to be heard by anyone else. But her whispers were hot, angry.

"You paid for it?"

I nodded. "Seemed easier."

Deirdre opened her mouth to say something but thought the better of it. I could only imagine how many thoughts went through her head at that moment. She was desperately trying to get a grip back on herself, emotions fluttering past on her face until she finally smiled again when she looked at me.