Nov 2008

Chapter 52Anxioused

We made our way back to the Inn and ordered some dinner. There were some small variations, compared to yesterday's meal. Like some different vegetables and another part of a lamb for the meat. It was satisfyingly filling and a good end to the long day. We were lucky enough to find a table in the corner, which allowed us to sit next to each other with our faces towards the rest of the inn. That way we could talk freely with almost no one around us. Actually, when I sat down I started to feel how taxed my muscles really were. I'd mostly been walking on a buzz of adrenaline just after the fight and inside of the castle. But as I calmed down, the price for it started to show itself.

Deirdre must have felt it too, but she stayed quiet the whole time.

In fact, the first she spoke was long after the meal when we were enjoying some of the local cider. She looked a lot calmer, but I could see the wheels turning behind her eyes. There was a lot I wanted to ask her, like why she made such a fuss about it, drawing so much attention to us. But I thought it best to wait after she had what she wanted to say off her chest first.

She turned to me. "Taran, I've got a feeling something is wrong. This was one of my mother's favorite urns."

I wanted to ask the obvious. "Perhaps they needed the gold?"

She shook her head. "There are much more valuable things they would sell before this. And if they'd so lost that it came to this, I'd like to know as well."

"What do you propose?"

She sighed. "I wasn't planning on it, but we'll visit my parent's house. It's an hour long ride from here. If we go tomorrow morning, we would have plenty of time."

I nodded. "Good, that will give us some time to recover." I rubbed my shoulders with a disarming smile.

Deirdre looked surprised at first, but then started to smile again. "Eh yes... Good point."

I took a deep breath. "Why did it get to you so much?"

She blinked. "What?"

There was a moment where I thought I didn't have to do this. But it was too important not to tell her. "The urn, why did you get so angry. You got us a lot of unneeded attention."

She bowed her head and blushed, looking at the urn on the table. "I'm sorry."

I smiled and leaned in to kiss her cheek. "It's alright. I guess it's a good thing we'll be out of the city tomorrow. We'll hopefully fade from memory a little."

She sighed.

I gave her another kiss. "It's okay. I just hope it won't have too much repercussions."

She looked at me and kissed my lips back. "Thank you for looking after me."

I smiled. "Hey it's only fair. It's not like you haven't been doing the same."

She smiled back. "You got a point there."

We got up and went back to our rooms. It was still way too early but both of us could feel the toll of today on our bodies. There wasn't really a lot we could do the rest of the evening without feeling strained muscles with every step. The stairs were quite an interesting experience. We went into our room and without even asking undressed each other slowly. We both enjoyed the pain as a symbol for our effort and bond. Both of us were blessed with a lack of bruises. Our fighting really had been quite balanced. Deirdre's shoulder was completely healed as well, beautiful as ever.

We shared a bed, even though it was on the small side. With our weary bodies and minds, the close warmth and the intimacy was very welcome. Deirdre especially appeared to appreciated it very much. She snuggled against me, wrapping her arms around me and holding me close. The moment was so sweet and soft that we gently explored each others skin with our fingertips. Soft and long caresses over the lower back and behind that sent shivers down my spine. We were both too tired to do anything more though.

So we slept.

With smiles on our face.