Nov 2008

Chapter 60Admired

We stayed like that for the longest time. Just laying on top of each other, connected and nothing more. Time passed slowly and mostly imperceptibly to us. I had no idea how much had actually flown by us by the time we kind of woke up. With slow movements and not a single word, Deirdre moved herself off me and gave me a little kiss.

We both got up and walked to the water for a short swim. Cooling down and cleaning up. Before I got into the water though I had noticed a gentle red hue on where we were connected, making me think of something I had never expected.


Not that I had that much experience. I've only had... Well, who was I kidding? I'd been lucky enough to even get a kiss from a girl a few times. But never much further. Stupidly it only just dawned on me this was my first time.

Not that there could possibly have been a way for it to have been more intense.

Part of me wondered if it was polite to ask. But then I realized there was something a lot simpler and more honest for me to do.

This wasn't easy for me. "You are my first."

Deirdre looked at me and smiled, not with any kind of amusement or malice behind it. Just a loving smile of someone who seemingly already knew.

She answered with a single word that held so much value. "Same."

I wanted to speak, ask, tell, worry... But I just sighed. It was all fine then. There was one thing where she was annoyingly ahead of me though. Something I definitely had to do. But not before I got hold of her.

Swimming over to her and grabbing wasn't as easy as I anticipated. She swam away, giggling as she avoided my grasps. But the pond wasn't that big. It was just a matter of time before I managed to grab and hug her. She didn't fight me once I got hold of her though. Just turning around and looking in my eyes.

"You're in my heart, Deirdre."

Her eyes flared up for just a moment, when I knew she had a slightly teasing and funny retort in her mind. But it passed. For once she let me have some dignity. She just hugged me back warmly in the cool water and smiled. It felt good to be so close with someone. We took our time to clean up properly and get out of the water. And saw the Dryad girl.


It was odd, because of her nudity, I hardly realized I had no clothes on myself. And Deirdre didn't appear to care either. Of course we were still buzzing with soft emotions. And, perhaps because of that, the girl spoke first.

"My gift was well spent."

We both blushed, causing the girl to giggle. "No, we stayed away. We respect the sun and moon and gave you space. We could feel there was something important here."

I bowed my head a little. "Thank you."

She smiled. "I don't come here for that. I bring a warning. Dark men are walking around the house."

I blinked. "Dark users?"

She simply nodded.


She shook her head. "Students."

"What are they doing?"

"We erased your tracks after you left. It seems like they were looking for it. They spend more time looking at the ground than the house."

Deirdre suddenly nodded. "We can get away without them noticing. Thank you."

I looked at her. "We'll be out of here tomorrow morning. You want to lay low?"

She nodded and walked to our clothes. The girl understood that it was polite to leave, how she knew that I didn't know. But it wasn't something my head was worried about. We should be safe this far from the house. And even I wouldn't be able to get here again without some help. The path was nigh invisible for someone not familiar with it.

It was better not to risk it though.

We both got dressed and put the reins back on the horses. They felt very relaxed and calm beneath us, ready to give what was needed. We couldn't go very fast in the woods though, but apparently Deirdre knew where the town was. She grew up in these woods and I was impressed by her sense of direction.

I wasn't quite sure if going back to town was ideal though.