Nov 2008

Chapter 59Attached

As soon as I got got close, she swam towards me and wrapped her arms around me. Filling me with a warm that was a wonderful contrast to the cool water all around me. She kissed me on my lips. It was a little uncomfortable to lose myself in her kiss in a place that required swimming to stay above the surface. And, with our lips still locked, we submerged for a moment before we had to let go and resurface again.

This was all really nice, but with all that had happened to Deirdre the past few hours, I was worried. "Are you sure?"

Deirdre looked into my eyes. It was enough, I knew then she did exactly what she wanted. But she spoke anyway, which made me even happier. "Yes. This place is the most me in the world. I didn't bring you here to feel this place. I brought you here to feel me."

I wanted to answer, to thank her. But Deirdre stopped my stupidity with a simple kiss. She dragged me to the shore and pulled me to a nice patch of moss in the sun. She pushed me on my back and sat on top of me. It was so intimate that I could barely think. And the part that could think was happy that there was nothing poking her yet.

The sun, however, was pleasantly warm and the moss pleasantly soft. With Deirdre on top of me there was nothing in the world I could possibly desire more.

The words came, but not from me. From her; "Taran, I love you."

I wanted to answer her but she put her hand on my lips. "I know. But this is my place, my time. My universe. You're all mine now."

I just nodded.

She leaned forwards and kissed my lips. It was by far the best kiss she'd ever given me. The warm our lips shared was beyond comparison. Even our skins, still cooled a little bit as they dried, tingled with the sensations. Deirdre opened her lips first, allowing her tongue to dart between them, licking my lips. My tongue answered in pure reflex. It was tantalizing to touch her tongue with mine, tasting her, feeling the roughness of our tongues colliding.

I wanted to caress her back with my hands, but she pushed them back to the grounds before her hands wandered over my chest, caressing my sensitive skin. Even though I had warmed up somewhat from the sun after the cool water, it was still the warmth of her fingertips that made me shiver. She moved further down, her naked skin causing me to sigh in happiness. She kissed my chest as her hips ground over mine.

It didn't take long for my body to respond as she wanted. Beneath her hips, part of me desired her as much as she did. I could actually feel the warmth and wetness there, spreading over me and making me ready. Everything was so natural.

In fact, it happened faster than I even realized. One moment her hips were rubbing over me, the next I had slid inside of her. She just held me with my deep sighs and shivers communicated through to her. She hardly had to move her hips to give me waves of pleasure that removed all thoughts.

I was hers.

I have no idea how she did it. Time was completely skewed, distorted and chaotic with every move she made. I was deep inside of her but had no control over the matter. She rode me and gave everything while she took everything. It was perfectly imbalanced.

When the waves of pleasure became too much I fainted. I wished I didn't. But there was darkness in my memories between the moments where she was riding me and she laid still on top of me. Me still inside her with a slippery feeling between us. I wanted to speak, to tell her how much this meant to me. But...


I only opened my eyes to look at the sky and be happy.

Sometimes the best way to show someone that what they've done is the best thing you've ever felt is to accept it fully. I wrapped my arms around her, as softly as I could and just closed my eyes again. I drifted deep into myself, feeling something quite unique. With me still inside of her, it was like I could feel how I'd filled her, even though I didn't remember that exact moment.

There was nothing more I wanted.

I wanted her to stay with me.

She moved her hips very gently, rocking on top of me. It was as if she'd woken up from her own dream as well. And this time I grew inside of her. This time it was not her taking me, but us just being together. Almost automatically I filled us with Light, making our senses stronger, amplifying our sensations without even realizing how. And it continued. The Light filled us so much that I felt as if I would explode or float away.

Every miniscule movement was worth a soft sweet sigh.

I held my arms around her as she rocked me gently, our sensations amplified by the Light. But even then it wasn't as intense as moments before. Not that it mattered. It was lovely. The sound of the waterfall, the forest, the world. It was all unimportant. The only thing that matter was her in my arms.