Sep 2009

Report 10More Grass

I have noted before the interesting qualities of watching grass grow. And, as stated before, I am an admirer of such wonders of nature. If only light and water can create such marvels, what wonders is it that we can create. The reason why I appreciate this, is because I can look at them in passing, not being forced to look at them.

Like now.

Fred is dead. Well, technically has has been dead for quite some time now, but more practically speaking, he is no longer able to move himself. While he has been dragging himself by his one arm for days now, that too finally gave way. As I understand it, zombies don't live forever if they do not have at least some sustenance to keep them going. And these wastelands carry that name for a reason.

So here I am, on the ground with a view so monotonous that it would make a metronome proud.

On the upside, I did hear some screams tonight, not pleasurable ones but it might prove to be transportation in the future. One can hope when one cannot move.

Keep looking!