Sep 2009

Report 11To Be Careful

They tell me it be a special day today; one where hats and boots are sure to be worn. Of course one can only hope ones buxom wenches will dress appropriately today. Even in these drab times, where no amount of rum would relieve the boredom, it be interesting to see the possibilities.

For if there be pirates here, they be zombie pirates. Ye may not know, but there be a famous zombie pirate by the name of LeChuck. He was a great salty sea-dog, foiled only by the most unusual of men. But let us not dwell on failures of the past, if the zombies are to prevail, it be the pirate that will truly win.

Well, mateys, I will await the time that treasure is once again mine to bury. Be it on an island or deep at sea. I be sure that they still await me in the deepest trenches below the broth. Good luck, landlubbers, may the wind be in your back and ye stay away from Aztec Gold. It be shiny, but the curse makes the rum fall through thy throat, so don't bother.

What is a pirate's life without rum, I ask ye?

Keep looking, yarrr!