Feb 2010

Report 21Road trip

Road trips, the bane of existence for some, inspiration for others. I'm not entirely sure in which category this one fell. At least it was fairly safe to say that it was a trip of epic proportions. Did you know that there are apparently multiple groups of humans fighting for the laboratory? Or at least the compound? Very intriguing.

Anyway, it more or less transpired like this:

We started out all casual-like, with Rob in chains like usual (lately) in the back of a truck, together with two other zombies in a slightly worse state. There was a small escort, a group of soldiers in a car behind us, that stayed with us until the first explosive took them out. It was rather spectacular, the point of impact being their left front wheel, flipping them over almost in slow motion as the car began to burn. Feisty!

The next strike was a little less fun for us, as they hit the rear wheel of the truck transporting us. All the people inside, unchained to the bench, were thrown around the room like rag-dolls. The rag of the truck, incidentally, contained them rather well. The two other zombies, a little more rotten than Rob, managed to snap their arms and legs out of the bonds, joining the soldiers in their chaos and happily snacking on what was at hand, or jaw. Of course the truck didn't flip over as easily as the car, weight distribution and mass prevented it, but without that rear wheel it couldn't really drive on. The soldiers inside that weren't unconscious, when the truck ground to a halt, jumped out immediately to face whatever opposition confronted them.

There wasn't much left of them.

After all the noise had died down the attackers came around to check inside the truck. They used special guns on the two feasting zombies, possibly phosphorous ammunition, before their eyes settled on me... and Rob. They smiled a little at a zombie in chains sitting fairly quietly. They lowered their guns, after taking care of the somewhat nibbled troops, and tried to talk to us. While Rob's verbal capacities weren't of the same level as my own, it was still enough to try and calmly explain that he was as they could obviously see, a zombie. A clever move, as the confusion caused them to consider to take us with them.

But where?

Keep looking!