Jan 2010

Report 20Plastic

Rob is sad. They've fixed the flammable gases in his stomach and keep him in chains most of the time. After some electrode testing, they found out about his verbal capacities (lucky that his throat hadn't been burned away yet) and have since been trying to examine how intelligent he really is. It's a bit of a disappointment, really, I would have expected their stupidity to completely oversee the possibility that one could purposefully hide intelligence.

They were smartening up.

Of course they still mostly ignore me. The slightly ironic (and iconic) glasses on one of the smarter zombies, a prop to an otherwise grotesque face. Speaking of horrors, the nose of the man in charge is hideous. It's like a potato glued to a larger one, with more or less the same gray-brownish hue, maybe a skin disease of sorts. Like a proper alpha dog he barked orders to the rest and had them obeyed. For us that meant playing with children's toys like colorful plastic blocks in various shapes and similar hammers. Plastic hammers don't work very well on double-paned reinforced glass.

And they don't make good screwdrivers either.

Anyway, to get back on the important subject, our imprisonment. There's definitely no way out for now and they have definitely been trying to breed more intelligent zombies. By breeding I mean of course picking them up, injecting them with dangerous chemicals and using the ones that don't fall apart. It's not exactly clear to me why Rob isn't falling apart. At least his stomach is less upset now, burping only minute amounts of gas occasionally. He's tried to avoid showing that he could shoot with a gun if they gave him one, but they didn't fall for it. The rest of the zombies aren't exactly sharpshooters, but they know how to use the simple point and click interface of guns.

Are they breeding us into soldiers?

It's something that will have to become clear soon. With all the extra protection, it's been virtually impossible to listen in on conversations. Them knowing the zombies can understand doesn't help either. It looks like we're going on a road-trip soon though, new adventures should ensue.

Keep looking!