Jun 2010

Report 23Darling escape

Back to basics. Here we are, on the run again with the knowledge of not only having food to hunt but that there is technology and at the very least two groups that would love to get a hold of us or merely squash us like a bug. Or at least Rob. They couldn't care less about a pair of antique glasses, but that's not the point.

I'm not sure what the point was, to be honest.

Anyway, our daring escape was exactly that. You know how in the movies they shoot at an escaping hero and they always miss. This is because it is actually quite hard to hit a moving target. Bullets still take time to arrive at a target. You know how in movies those bullets often hit something explosive of one way or the other? And this time, as if Murphy was giggling hysterically in the background, it did in our case. Just as Rob was about to jump, something behind us said boom quite enthousiastically and propelled Rob way out of the encampment, smoking and all.

So here we are, on the run again with knowledge and an extra crispy layer of goodness.

It even got him some tail, figuratively speaking. A female zombie showed quite profound interest in him as he ran past. Of course this might have more to do with smelling like burned meat than anything else, but who knows. It might even be me.

Keep looking!