Sep 2010

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It is always hard to tell why a woman falls for a man. Is it is ragged good looks? His sweet cologne? Often there is much debate on the subject, but not this time. It turned out that his freshly fried flesh was considered a culinary courtesy from the humans to this pretty girl. She simply could not resist his crunchy serum-enriched flesh and smooth scent of 'homo-sapiens-extra-crispy' and dove right in.

Rob, the zombie, is alas no more and, in an odd quip of fate, I find myself on the nose of the wonderful lady that ate him. And, I must say, she is in very good state. By the looks of her, she hasn't been a zombie for very long and, judging by her eating habits, she has had little to no trouble finding preys. But this flesh has a special sauce that was obviously enjoyed free of care.

Well, it didn't give her any visible problems, yet.

At least there was no odd chemical reaction when some of his blood hit the ground. No smoke, sizzling or other nasty effects. All appeared innocence. But, let's get back to the girl.

Her mannerisms were quite amusing when she noticed me, picked me up and placed on her nose. It was with an almost dainty move, with rainbows and pink unicorns hiding in the background. If there had been a mirror around I'm sure there would have been some posing involved. Speaking of moving, she ran a bit slower than Rob, but was still pretty agile. Let's call her Jenna.

There was something about her though... Something that piqued my interest. Things were about to get very interesting, I felt.

Keep looking!