Feb 2011

Report 25Gnarly

Wow... What a month. So, Jenna, my new female carrier, appears much more active in the undead life than your regular zombie. Perhaps it's because not all of her faculties have dissipated (though she's still not very verbal above the common 'urgh' or 'aarg') or perhaps because the serum in Rob's flesh was not entirely gone. For a zombie she is very outgoing, going hunting several times a week to find juicy human goodness, or anything else that's still alive to snack on. I have no idea where she leaves it all, as her figure is as slim as ever.

So far it seems as if she's enjoying my company.

Did you know that it seems as if the human race is picking itself up again? So far we've seen three trucks in the distance and one house contained relatively new clothes. Perhaps even sown by it's previous inhabitants, currently following the directions Jenna's digestive tract. The choice of material wasn't very pretty, but still practical. We lost a few hours trying them all out, including the troubling task of finding how to put things on. Perhaps a zombie's mind was close to that of a child. Able to learn, but devoid of almost all knowledge.

She finally settled on a dark brown suit-type set. Not exactly new, but it fit her easily and it looked rather dashing, if I say so myself, with me on her nose. She even allowed me to read some books. They were children's books, with more pictures than words, but it was better than nothing. Are there zombie librarians?

Oh, before I forget, I may have noticed that my new owner liked playing games.

While invading the previously mentioned house, she didn't just run in shrieking or stumble in yawning. No, instead she climbed on the roof and took some time staring at the ones inside. Instead of just going for her food, she appeared to study them somewhat, making sure only to be glanced out of the corner of someone's eye, but not truly seen. It had the man and woman completely paranoid within twenty minutes. I suppose the occasional growling in the distance did little to calm their nerves.

Perhaps she wasn't as innocent nor adorable as originally thought.

Well, with renewed vigor, new clothes and a satisfied stomach, we were on our way.

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