Aug 2009

Report 3Turquoise Sky

While following Fred's Adventures is surely a riveting tale (stumbled towards food, tripped over rock, got up again, stumbled some more), maybe it would be more interesting if I told something of our current state. Of the world, I mean. It's a tale of terrible woe and lots of death.

It starts out - as this always does - with a company doing biological research. However, this all really isn't their fault, neither is it that of humanity. In fact, despite the many wars that man has fought, it was a pure and honest accident of nature. A catastrophe of the worst and most interesting kind. Of course I'd love to blame man for all of this, and they are at least partly to blame, but what set it off was a piece of rock.

A rather big piece of rock, finding our planet interesting enough to crash down on. Now, while the initial impact and shock-wave obliterated quite a chunk of Europe, that wasn't the really bad part (though the Europeans might disagree on that one). It appeared as if the meteorite was mostly made of a rare iron and was magnetized. That, in combination with landing on the ground caused a huge electromagnetic pulse that surpassed the earth's diameter, causing anything even remotely electronic to go on the blink.

It was a little worse than just things shutting down, it actually short-circuited a lot of things, like toasters, ovens, fridges and the like. Claiming many victims with small or larger injuries. Cars, buses, planes, most of them crashed, lit on fire or even exploded in some cases. Boats veered into cliffs, pacemakers fried, remote controlled toy cars ran into walls. It was a nightmare, but that wasn't the worst of it.

See, most of the power plants by then had been nuclear, as a lot of the reserves had been used up and solar power wasn't as useful as people had hoped. Anyway, causing almost all the nuclear plants around the world to go "hey let's blow up and spread our love" at the same time wasn't very nice for people's gardens. Or their lives.

From there on it was just a matter of time and plutonium rain for things to change. But I must say, although the color-palette of the landscape may have changed for the worse, the sky and sunsets are simply amazing. I'd never seen turquoise clouds like that before.

Well, that's it for now.

Keep looking!