Aug 2009

Report 4Good Deed

Wow, that was mostly a very uninteresting week. Though one thing does warrant mentioning. Fred did kind of a good deed the other day, when we encountered a little girl, crying on the stairways of a collapsed metro entrance. She had been sniffling and crying for a good mile now, it had taken Fred some impressive shuffling and stumbling to get to her in time. He almost automatically embraced her, something that surprised the little girl. I'd never expected Fred to be such a softy.

The girl stopped crying shortly after he started eating her brain. It sure was nice of him to give her peace like that. She could be back with her mommy and daddy and no longer have any worries about food or water. The girl's teddy-bear wasn't edible, but Fred ripped it apart for some reason. There was something electronic in it, but it didn't look like it was still working. Perhaps the bear had a voice once, who knows.

The girl's clothes had been a little bit odd too. Rather than the expected pretty dress it was just some boring tracksuit type thing. I didn't know they still made things that ugly. Oh right, apocalypse, they probably didn't anymore. Ah well, Fred managed to get out of the metro entrance just fine and stumbled off into the distance, carrying me with it.

Onwards to another boring week.

Keep looking!