Aug 2009

Report 5A Good Book

The library was in a surprisingly good state, compared to the rest of the buildings. Perhaps it was the lack of technology inside or just a good will of man towards literature. It's unlikely to be the latter though. People in this age did use books, but usually for more practical purposes. Like fire or lavatorial needs. Regardless, it did not seem like many people, living or otherwise, had been inside.

It was a pity that Fred did not share my enthusiasm for the written arts, as I would have loved for him to stand still, pick up a book and not try to eat it. There were a few open books on the floor, usually in bad condition, but at times I was allowed a glance over them. One of them was somewhat interesting, as it appeared to be a fragment of Homerus. But the other two legible ones were children's books and, although I am sure someone else might find "See Spot Run" interesting, I like to think I have developed beyond that.

There was a corpse (alright, several, but this one was interesting) deep inside, sat against the wall. The corpse itself wasn't the curious thing, but the gear he was wearing was. It didn't look that old and some of it appeared to be still in working order. As one piece of his equipment looked like low-light-enhancement (night-vision) goggles, still functioning. It shouldn't be possible to make things like this anymore. There was also still some charge left in the battery. I know this because Fred actually managed to get a jolt as he was trying to snack on his brain. A shocking lesson.

Although he'll probably won't remember it.

We headed deeper underground, the old building had connected catacombs, apparently. Some old books here as well, rotting away with the damp that had slowly set in now that the air-filter units were out of order. I was happy to be in the dark for a while. While there was plenty to see up top, it was also more dangerous with hunters and snipers. Oh, and acid rain. I suppose I don't have to tell you how much I hate having my rims being slowly dissolved.

Keep looking!