Aug 2009

Report 7Lost...

This is terribly boring and aggravating. We're lost. We've been walking under ground for over a week now with barely anything in sight, neither danger nor food. While I commented before on it's interesting features, even I tire of such marvels over such a duration of time. It's like walking around in the Garden of Eden. I'm sure it's novelty would wear off after a while. Also, there were no dead bodies to fawn over, no hidden stories to uncover. Such a drag.

The only noteworthy thing didn't interest Fred at all. It was a small, lit PDA on the ground. Of course the light being emitted by it was useful, but it raised some questions. Technology, here? Left even. Supposedly there was none left, and all electronic that might have survived the EMP blast would have run out of batteries years ago. So how did this get here?

Speaking of Fred, he isn't doing too well. The loss of his arm really appears to depress him. I'm not sure how I can tell, but his shuffling just seems a little downcast. I hope we're out of this dark place soon.

Keep looking!