Aug 2009

Report 8The End?

Curse my lack of hands! The one time Fred does pick up a book, to try and eat it of course, he throws it away soon afterwards. And it was an interesting looking book too: "Frozen Youth". Anyway, I can understand his behavior perfectly. We still haven't escaped the under ground and brains (or other food) is severely lacking. Can you blame him for trying to digest a good book?

I suppose I can.

The good news, in a way, that we finally have a direction. I've spotted some emergency exit signs leading us towards, I hope, a way out. It's not easy getting Fred to see them though. As zombies go, he's not particularly smart. I wonder if I could trade him in, I'm sure his shot off arm falls under warranty.

That would be an interesting business in this day and age:

Best-Zombie! Buy your zombie today, with full thirty days trade-in allowance, no questions answered! Rats in your house and the cat can't get rid of them? Get a zombie! Dog of the neighbors doing his business in your garden? Get a zombie! He will nibble his way through anything that's pestering your house, garden, driveway and more! Stopping at nothing until all has been consumed. Safety measures, like guns or crowbars, not included with the purchase of your zombie. Keep children and pets away from the zombie at all times. Best-Zombie cannot be held responsible for any bites or attacks that may occur.

With the generally perverted mind of humanity, I'm sure they will find a way to do this.

Keep looking!