Sep 2007

A Golden Moment 1remember always

It is very scary to see who you are. It is just as scary to show someone else.

Walking around town I saw a theater and thought it would be fun to see a show. I was lucky as there were still tickets. It seemed to be a special night with press, free wine and finger food. I was not one to complain and happily ventured further, enjoying said wine, finger food and took a good look around. After a while I saw you just standing there alone for a moment and started talking to you. You smiled and talked back, nothing special, yet nothing negative either. The show started.

In the interval I smiled to you and you smiled back. I moved to the free seat next to you and chatted again. Talking about dreams. We kept on chatting away easily and casually. Me talking about a place I wanted to go to but did not know yet. You did know it and offered me to show where it was. So there we went, walking the cool but not unpleasant streets until we passed it, me even walking you home. I told you about poetry, music and more of my dreams. It seems you were just mildly interested enough to ask me in for a cup of tea when we arrived at your place.

After the tough choice of deciding what tea to make we took to the living room, talking more about dreams and sex. How fantasies come into being and the emotional bond between people. I asked if you would like me to write a poem for you. And I did. I only had to think for a moment to get inspiration. But your smile was enough. While I wrote my poem on a piece of paper, using a book as my support, you brought in the tea and sat next to me quietly.

I read the poem to you, making you smile that lovely warm smile again and you took it, read it again and thanked me. It all was just so gentle and peaceful. So calm. We continued our talk of fantasies and emotions. You expressing your curiosity on how a man feels. I offered to show you with a simple experiment. We sat opposite of each other on the sofa, cross legged. I gently let my hand rest on your legs while you put your palm on mine. You did feel something but spoke of holding back, feeling a blockade. I smiled and asked you to try again.

Moments passed, both of us with closed eyes and trying to feel each other. I felt warm, gentle and alive. I could feel you but could also feel you having trouble feeling me. But it was there. Though but a spark, it was enough to make me smile.

You seemed disappointed with your 'failure'. I simply smiled and asked if you would accept my crazy hug. You did... And we hugged.

I held you much longer then you probably expected. I felt your hands over my back, first tense, then surprised, then more and more relaxed. I could feel how my warm hands filled you with some warmth as well. Holding you dear, holding you close. Your face against mine, your black hair pressed between. I gently let you go, feeling your surprise and your smile again. I sat back, asking you to sit against me with your back.

I held you warmly, as a true gentleman. I only rested my arms on the top of your chest and your stomach. We talked softly again, more and more about dreams. I gently caressed your neck now and then, especially when I felt how you liked it. You almost scared me when you touched my leg in response to something I said. But it was a good scare, it made me smile. I loved having you in my arms. It wasn't tense or exciting. It was soft and warm. Even though there was maybe a small sensual tension between us, even that was like a summers breeze. You felt the same, relaxing in my arms. Feeling enveloped by me in a simple way.

The moment broke when I needed to go to the toilet for a moment. When I returned I changed the position slightly to make both of us more comfortable. You lighted a candle, pleasantly surprising me, and sat down in my arms once more. I continued my caresses, over your neck, your shoulder and your arm. Sometimes the merest suggestion of going towards your chest. I felt you were comfortable and asked if you liked what I did.

You did. You said it made you desire more.

I smiled with my twinkling eyes and gently continued my caresses. Over your face, following it's lovely shape and over your neck. Chasing the skin of your long slender arms and back again. Boldly going over your chest to just above the shape of your breasts and back to your neck again. Over and over again, each time only slightly bolder.

Soon my fingers were hooking underneath the fabric of your dress and gently pulling it down. But even then I did not forget to caress your face and your neck. Each movement continued to be slow and gentle. You felt it was okay. If you would have said stop, I would have stopped and nothing would be wrong. That fact, that feeling made you even more comfortable. Knowing and feeling that everything was alright. You could choose everything you wanted or didn't want, it was alright. If you would have asked me to stop I would have. But you didn't.

Many minutes passed in what seemed but mere seconds. I helped you sit up for a moment to undo your bra and pull your dress a bit down. You felt uncomfortable with all the light and, after due teasing of me, rose up to shut off all the lights but leave the candle on. You sat back in my arms a bit tense. You felt so insecure of yourself. I told you, in all earnest, that you looked wonderful. Simply because you did.

I caressed your skin once more but took it one step back again allowing for you to relax. It took a while, but you did relax. My fingers softly touching your neck, chest and arms calmed you. I followed the shape of your breasts as well now. Around them, over them softly until I finally touched your nipples as well.

It was strange... In my arms you seemed both asleep as wide awake. You felt everything so brightly and intense as if I did it a thousand times stronger. Yet you were relaxed and okay with it. I marveled at the feel of your soft flesh everywhere. My fingertips tingled as they felt the sensations below your skin. Your sensitivity grew as well as my boldness. But never did I increase the pace. I stayed soft. I stayed gentle.

I pushed your dress further down and even undressed it. Leaving you in nothing but your panties while I was still fully dressed. I did think of the irony of it for just a shimmer of a moment before I felt you in my arms again.

My fingers moved along your body very freely now, avoiding the one spot you seemed to want touched so much. Closer and closer I came, caressing over your stomach, your breasts and your legs. Ever closer yet not touching. I even curled under the hem of your panties with my fingers and touches your hill without going further. I felt you shiver of pleasure.

It went on. My fingers finally touching the side of your lips could feel the wetness. I teasingly asked you if that was common for you, to be this overflowing. It wasn't... You were even slightly ashamed, as if you were afraid I was disappointed my actions brought such a strong reaction in you.

You felt my fingers all over your body, my warmth against your back. Again my fingers against those lips, pushing away your panties to slide ever so softly over the middle, barely touching the soft pubic hair. More and more I touched you, my fingers sliding, aided by your wetness, between your lips over your oh-so-sensitive flesh. Touching your button, sliding towards the entrance.

You almost clamped your fingers around my arm when I gently pressed in, my finger sliding easily into you. You gasped and moaned. Feeling a small release but thirsting for more. I continued, slowly sliding in you and moving my finger, sliding out of you again over your clitoris and back in. I kissed your breast, softly sucking on your nipple, licking it, treasuring it. You told me the other one felt alone now so I obliged. I kissed your other breast, giving as much attention and tenderness to that one as I did the other while my fingers continued their intimate and teasing play.

Then I got up, leaving you lying on the sofa and removed your panties gently. I kissed your breasts again but this time moved further down. You were hesitant. Surprised that I wanted to taste you after you became so wet. I simply smiled and said that I love the pure taste that would be there now. You allowed me. Still knowing that at each moment you merely had to whisper 'no' and it would be enough.

I kissed your hill and your lips gently. Then kissed again, a bit deeper. I flicked my tongue over your lips, feeling a shudder going through your body and licked again. My fingers held your lips open gently then when my tongue slid over your clitoris once. Surprising you by the intensity of my simple licks. I slowly licked again, but kept going this time. Licking long strokes all over your flesh, from your entrance to beyond your clitoris. Every time I savored your taste. You tasted pure.

The rhythm got faster, feeling your breaths shorten and your moans louder. You grabbed my head even and I felt how you let yourself being dragged along with pleasure. Feelings you had never experienced like this before. Each time my tongue flicked over your clitoris I could feel you getting closer and closer.

My tongue kept moving, again and again. The texture of your sex stroking it as I did you. Your fingers holding my hair as you felt the edge. It was intense, it was bright and yet... It felt peaceful. Your body was close to a small release, my every moment bringing you even closer. And you came. Gently.

Though the pleasure was intense, the orgasm was smooth, like a wave of warm ocean water. It enveloped you so softly it was hardly even there. But I felt it, felt the pleasure, heard your breathing change, your muscles tense. It passed as gently as it came and it left you still with the burning desire you felt before.

I rose up slowly, gave you a tender kiss and asked you if we should continue this in the bedroom. I surprised you by lifting you easily, you worried about my back as if you were heavy. You weren't, you felt as light as a feather. I carried you to the stairs, smilingly. I put you down only because you asked me again, still smiling.

We went upstairs...