Jul 2007

The Ingredientwhat have I become?

Darkness... I can't remember how the darkness came. I feel my body lying on a hard but soft surface. No clothes that I can feel... Still the darkness.

Something touches my chest... Something wet. It feels like a finger drawing on my skin. A light comes in the darkness. A fire starts burning within me and it heats me up inside, waking me.

Sounds start coming in again, running water like a river, chanting voices, female. I manage to open my eyes and see leaves above me lighted by flames of fire or candles.

It takes a while for my eyes to adjust to the light and darkness. I look to my left with my eyes, not able to move my head, and see two women dressed in black clothes. I swivel my eyes to the right and see three women, one touching me, drawing on me.

I close my eyes again. For a moment my mind tries to focus, trying to figure out the symbols she is drawing on my chest, arms and legs. I probably still can't move but I want to try. I open my eyes again and try to lift my head up but it's still too heavy. I look down and see the closer woman in concentration. A bottle of red... blood?... paint?... in her left hand as she uses the other to draw on me.

The fire withing my darkness is slowly heating me up as I feel my body feelings returning to me. I can twitch my fingers and do so. It is immediately noticed by the painting woman.

She finished her last symbol, only a moment passes before she puts the bottle away and undresses besides me. Moving as if this is all a ritual.

I still hear the chanting of the others but I can't make out it means, their words strange to me, their song lost on me. I slowly experience how the symbols on my skin seem to give a burning sensation. As if they go deep within my skin and beyond, burning my very being with a warmth that is both pleasurable as tormenting.

I feel her fingers touch my skin again, they move over my skin clean now, leaving no paint. My body is on fire, it longs to be touched but why? My throat burns in memory of something but I cannot place it. Did they give me something?

I try to focus on where I am, but nothing gives it away. The river does not sound familiar and I cannot see it, the trees are just like any other and even the women are not recognizable by me, their faces beautiful in a strange scary way. The touches of the young woman leave my body wanting for more. Her fingers, touching my hand first moved to my shoulders. She moves slowly, as if to tease me into longing more. And it's working...

I already feel blood rushing to my manhood, far from stiff yet, but already sensitive to even the soft feel of the air. The marks on my skin are still burning, taunting me with pleasure and pain, her simple touch enhancing their effect.

Her fingers move over my chest, never crossing the burning lines of the symbols. My skin feels torn between the burning of the symbols and the cool of her fingers. Slowly it is driving me crazy.

I wish to get up, trying to get a grasp on the situation I'm in. I summon all the strength I have and manage only just to lean on my elbows a little but the merest push of her fingers pushes me down easily. My body is still weak and almost moans against my will with her every touch.

The fire inside is making it harder and harder to think. Her fingers move over my stomach to my legs, avoiding the place that wants the most attention. I shiver with pleasure, a moan escapes my lips. I know I'm not far from surrendering to lust but still I try to fight it.

Her fingers move to my ankles, caressing them running her nails along my skin for a moment as she goes up again. Her sharp nails feel like they cut in my skin, it hurts but it also feels good. Incredibly good. My mind is running amok in confusion at so much delight and torment.

I again try to keep a grip on the situation and fail. An honest moan escapes my lips as she passes my hips, still not touching where I want it the most. Her hands move toward my chest but veer to the side. My eyes close with this much pleasure. I never expected to moan as feel her lips on my nipples, not used to them being this sensitive. Her tongue sends shivers down my spine and I cannot believe I moan again as she bites them.

My manhood is slowly becoming very stiff, rising with the chanting despite her never touching it. It wants attention, it wants to be touched, caressed... more...

I feel her fingers wandering to my hip and toward my member. I gasp in pleasure as I wish for her touch to come... But it does not.

She caresses over my leg, teasing me even more, filling my manhood with more blood, making me want it even more.

I can hear the chanting now or then, my attention completely fading from my surroundings more and more as my body is being put through so much. Her fingers suddenly find themselves on my chest again, her nails running over my skin, her tongue following them. Pleasure... pain... pain and pleasure.

My mind is as good as gone, taken away by all my body and soul are feeling. The pleasures feel dark, scary. But I want them, want to feel more.

I suddenly arc my back in shock as her fingers touch me there. Wrapped around my manhood they pull it once. I almost scream out for more as they release immediately after, tormented by this vixen of bliss.

I lie there for a moment in the burning darkness as my body tries to reassert itself, aware of the four others watching, the chanting in the air. But lips suddenly touching my member immediately make me forget about it all. Her mouth wraps herself around my manhood and lowers itself to let me feel her mouths' warm embrace. I lie there still, motionless, guided by the pleasure that is given to me.

Her lips disappear and leave me in anguish. My body wishes for release, the height of so much pleasure.

I gasp as I suddenly feel two legs beside my hips and something warm lowering itself on my member. I am not allowed in yet, she just slides herself along my shaft slowly, taunting me even more, delaying my delight, heightening my senses.

Before I can expect it she lowers herself onto me, guiding me inside of her and pushing herself against my body. I'm at the absolute edge of bliss, but no such rest is me allowed yet.

I feel her nails on my skin, this time hurting more then they give pleasure. But with me inside of her my body keeps with the memory of the pleasure of that one thrust. I'm not sure if my skin is bleeding from her scratches she makes on my skin. They seem in weird movements, patterns even, but I cannot make it out. For a moment I can again hear the chanting, the four pairs of eyes on my naked body, my manhood impaling this woman.

She moves up slowly and then down again, her nails have drawn me away from my edge and back into the river, the wild stream of lust. I lie there powerless, nothing left to resist the pleasure and torment given to me. I growl and moan in pure animal instinct as my mind is lost in pleasure.

She moves her body up and down once more, again bringing me to that edge and driving me away once more. I feel the fire burning inside like nothing else. I feel like my eyes would burn the trees when opened, my lips breath fire if they part.

I feel how she moves up, knowing one more movement would bring my release. She's suddenly off me again, no time for me to even cry out in agony as her fingers wrap themselves on my manhood.

I can only just hear the chanting rising to it's crescendo as her hands pull on my shaft a final time, immediately pushing me over the edge. I can only just feel a bowl being pressed against me as I roar out in pleasure. My voice nothing more then an instinctual cry of pleasure beyond belief, echoes on the trees that die in the deep forest.

The bowl is taken away after I drained myself. I feel how liquid is forced between my lips as the one of the four other girls steps forward. My body still weak takes it in a reflex. It burns my throat as it goes down and spreads through my body like liquid lava. But then it cools, taking me down with the coldness as I fall back into the darkness...