Apr 2006

AffloatAn ocean without words

An ocean...

Vast and wide, nothing else in sight but the water that carries you.

The deep blue sky and the sun the only other things you can see. Gentle waves, warm sunlight.

The water supports your body even if it is not as warm as the sun. You float free of the world.

A wave comes and splashes against you, drops of colder water falling on your sun-warmed skin. Your eyes quickly watching them, shining in the light. Transparent crystals drops lying clear and pure on your white skin. You close your eyes again and let your neck relax. Your head, like your body, supported by the water below you with your ears just below the surface. The waves are so soft that near to no sound is heard. A soft, velvet silence.

Something touches your butt.. A quick caress, teasing before disappearing. The sun is like a soothing blanket while the pleasantly warm water supports you from below. The touch echoes in your mind for a while until you close your eyes again...

Another touch, this time on your hips. You feel... a finger?...gently caressing the side and moving towards your stomach. It's making wet traces on your skin that leave a fresh cool feeling in contrast with the hot sun. Moving over your stomach, it makes a gentle circle around your navel and slides back to the water again. Besides the gentle splash it's still completely quiet.

Then nothing happens... Almost annoyingly so. Your body shivers once in the wish for more. The caress returns, again starting on the side of your hip, rising out of the water to caress you. Moving over your stomach and between your breasts to your neck. The finger traces the bottom line of your jaw and soon you feel the other fingers, the whole hand gently resting against your neck. Silently the hand slides back again, leaving you empty again.

It takes a moment before your body relaxes again, your muscles again letting the water support it. Your eyelids, tensed up a little relax again.

Suddenly drops fall on both your nipples. Cold!

Your body convulses and goes down underwater for a second. You come up again, your hair plastered against your face with the rest of your body still underwater. Water steams of your face allowing your eyes to open again. It takes a while to focus on the person directly in front of you. Smiling a smile as warm as the sun, eyes twinkling teasingly and ready to hold you in his strong arms.

I move forward towards you slowly. I don't touch you yet, wishing not to scare you. My right hand reaches out to your face but stops just before I touch your skin. I see your eyes moving to my hand before they set back on me again. As your eyes leave my hand and rest on me again I touch your cheek.

I see your eyes closing in pleasure, my fingers softly caressing the side of your face. My fingertips playing with the edge of your ear and allow themselves to caress the back of your neck as well. As your body relaxes more and more I move forward to wrap my arm around you, to support you and so you don't have to swim anymore. As soon as my arm holds you you feel you don't have to swim anymore. It's scary to feel me so close, my skin against yours, but I feel warm and kind... It feels safe.

My fingertips caress the back of your neck, my face so close to yours you can feel me breathing. I try to not press myself against you more then needed. To give you space, to don't force myself on you. You can feel my legs moving to keep us floating up. They move in a gentle pace, as slow as the water allows. I feel how you you allow yourself to relax more, now that you're sure it's all alright.

You can still hear and feel my breathing against your face. It must be hard to judge the distance but you know it's really close. As my face draws nearer, I feel you tensing up a little. You hear me coming closer as my lips move to touch your cheek. Very gently, as soft as a feather I let my lips touch that warm skin of yours. My breathing temporarily stopping in intensity.

I retreat as slowly as possible, hoping that the touch of my lips is felt longer then their actual presence. My breathing resuming again softly, in an attempt to avoid breaking the moment. I see the effect of the kiss on your skin, like a drop of pigment in the ocean the kiss spreads and flows through your face. As the color dissolved I move towards you again. This time kissing the corner of your lips as soft as I can. A touch so soft it's almost a dream. My fingers hold your neck, playing with the hairs in the back as I move in to kiss your lips fully. I allow my lips to touch yours and keep them there. My hand is only pressed very lightly against your skin, so you could move back if you want to. But you don't...

I feel you pressing back gently, our lips flattening against each other. Our mouths still closed, the mere kiss of our lips more then enough to make our hearts skip a beat.

Time passes slowly.

We move back to get our breathing back. It's almost too much. The simple feeling of our lips intensified by everything; the water, our skin, the sun. I turn with my body to press my skin more against yours. I know it will let you feel what I do not wish to put focus on yet, but my skin aches to be pressed against yours. I wrap my arms around you and feel your arms move up to do the same. Floating in the water, supported by the ocean., alone together, Safe...

I kiss you again, my lips moving slow to allow you to adjust. Your lips open minutely, as if thirsty for something you will show nor deny. I open my lips as well, but won't force anything. My fingers caress your lower back, so my arms can stay wrapped around you. They move slowly in circles and other gentle moves. As our lips are still pressed together, they gently open and you can feel me breathing through my nose, changing the air in my mouth.

It's strange, you're sure you can feel my lips concocting in a smile as my fingers change to use my nails and with two hands move up to your shoulder blades, sending shivers through your spine. Involuntary your body presses itself closer to me, sending another shiver through your body. Your legs twitching, unable to decide to be relaxed or wrapped around me.

I keep teasing you with my nails on your skin around the shoulder blades. My lips open more and feel yours doing the same. The tips of our tongues touch and scare back before they allow each other to be intertwined.

Our bodies, feeling hot like the sun, noticeably wiggle against each other. Our tongues, playing an intimate game, seem to live in a world of their own but send waves of a warm connection to both of us. My fingertips, still often using their nails, also tease your side before going back again. You feel part of my body very plainly, as your own body is pressed this firmly against mine. It's stiffness does feel a bit intimidating... yet inviting.

Your body moves now to tease me a little. Your hips moving so my member slides between your legs but staying outside. Even in the water I can feel the change in texture from water to the slippery wetness of you. As you move you feel my fingers pressed against your back. A soft moan of pleasure from me escaping into your mouth. It all seems to happen so fast and so slow at the same time. Your body can feel me already being inside of you soon and floating alone before at the same time. It's like time folding in on itself.

But one thing at a time.

You hazard moving to wrap your legs around me which has an unexpected side effect. Your hip turning with your legs means that that thing of me you were teasing just now ends up directly in front of your entrance... But the question is... will you push me into you?
Your legs contract to push me in, I press forward with my hips as well and slide into you with, stretching you. Your legs, wrapped around me press me in even deeper. My legs are still swimming to keep us afloat give an interesting effect. The movement thrusts me into you in deep and slow, yet strong movements. I feel your fingers pressing themselves against my butt to push me in deeper. Our kiss, still unbroken intensifies as our tongues twist and twirl around each other.

It feels so soft to be surrounded and held by this water. The movement of my legs thrusting me into you time and time again. Our shared heat fills our hearts and head. I feel your legs pushing me deeper in a rhythm slightly faster then my own. I move faster to comply with your implied wish and feel the wave rising in both of us.

A tsunami of emotions and pleasure builds up on the horizons of our bodies. Inevitable and unstoppable. I see you can feel it get nearer. A wave so large it's like fire, a wall of fire rising up. That tingly sensation in your fingertips and toes, oh so familiar, promises and confirms what soon will come.

And it overflows us, dragging us down in our minds. Crashing into us like a large wave would. Our muscles tense and pleasure, waves of pleasure wash over both of us. You keep yourself connected to me, wrapped with arms and legs around me as I try to keep us afloat. My body almost paralyzed with the pleasure but still moving, still swimming.

All is silent. Our ears not yet recovered and hiding our heavy breathing. Surrounded by the ocean, the sun our only witness.

And here we are...