Jul 2006

Jungle HuntBut who's the prey?

The Hunt... This time only one man is hunting you. And you know he is not far behind. You run through the jungle, the leaves hitting your arms and legs, your feet making a sound no louder then a whisper.

Your lips smile as you think you hear something behind you. You know who it is. You want him to catch you, but not yet. Your black skin shimmers in the light of the sun, the little of it that reaches down through between the leaves. Beads of sweat form on your body as you keep on running.

It's not far... not far.. A twig breaks to the right. You dare not look for the danger of tripping. Your feet swiftly moving in their stride, ever closer to where you want to be. In the distance you hear the soft roar of the waterfall. So close! Just a little further!

Your trip over something but manage to stay up. Only a few steps further, unsure how far exactly, you reach the edge of the little grove. You circle around it, hiding in the foliage. Sure of yourself that you weren't seen. You watch out into the grove, he'll bathe here soon. You know it, you expect it. You want the hunt to be yours.

Hands on your shoulders! You almost turn around but get pushed onto the moss of the Grove. Caught! Immediately he's on top of you, his deep black skin only reflecting some light by his sweat. He has you exactly where he wants you, lying with your back pressed against the moss, him on top of you. You can't move but you'll try! You try to turn around and get up, but he presses your shoulders and upper arms down and bites you in your neck. Not soft, but not painful either.

He bites again and moves his lips towards yours. He presses his lips forcibly on yours and let's his tongue invade your mouth. Your kiss back is as wild as the man on top of you. You can feel his flesh pressed firmly against you and smell his sweat, his manly sweat. He stands and picks you up, smiling with both his lips and his eyes. He let's you stand on your own for a moment. You tense up, ready to jump at any time.

He stands still as a statue, mocking you with a mere glance, you just decided to run away. He pushes you backwards, you didn't expect this. You fall over backwards in the pond near the waterfall. You stand up quickly but before you have time to recover fully he is in the water with you and grabs you from behind. His large hands squeeze in those soft mounds of flesh you have and his hungry lips bite your neck once more.

Standing in the hip-height water you reach backwards. You're his prey now and you will act like it. His hands keep squeezing your sensitive breasts and his head moves around to take a loving bite in those nipples. You feel with your fingers his member stiffening. Large and black, thick and hard. You want it... you know you do... But it is his time. His choice.

He turns you around and kisses you again, his tongue once more invading your mouth. He almost grunts approvingly as your tongue wildly connects with his. He pushes you back, to the shore. It's a bit steep, but perfect to sit on. He pushes your body on it and presses his member against your entrance. He won't press in, he wants your body to want it, to beg for it.

Your legs wrap around him, your eyes fixed on his beg him without words. Your legs try to press him inside of you, but he won't let you. He patiently waits until you relax... You relax, knowing it truly is his time and you watch deep into his dark brown eyes.

He thrusts all the way inside of you. Stretching you, almost hurting you but filling you up incredibly. He immediately pulls out and thrusts back in. It takes a moment for your body to adjust but it wants it deeper. Wants it so bad.

Your legs, soon recovering, start to grab him, push him in even deeper. He thrusts and thrusts, his eyes focused, his whole body moving just for those thrusts. His arms hold you at your shoulders, his legs, still standing in the water create splashes with each thrust. It's good... Feels really good.

Your body, covered in water and sweat shines in the sunlight. Beautifully contrasting your deep black skin. Your breasts bounce as each thrust impales you deeply. He takes you, hunter to prey, takes you higher then you've ever been. His thrusts are starting a cascade of pleasure starting in your fingertips and slowly concentrating towards your center.

Another thrust and another. Almost there, just on the edge. He stops for a moment and time freezes. You see everything in the grove, each blade of grass, each little pebble, each individual drop of water in the waterfall shining in the sun in this frozen moment.

He thrusts. You scream out in pleasure as your body convulses in your orgasm.
He thrusts again. Another wave or orgasmic pleasures washes over you.
Again. Your muscles contract and shiver.
Again. Another scream of pleasure as you sink your teeth in his neck.
A last thrust. Your hands leave almost bleeding marks on his back, his hips unable to move as your legs keep him firmly locked. You hang on him.
Both hunter.
Both prey.

The sound of the jungle slowly returns. The rush of the waterfall is felt against your sensitive skin. The fine mist of water cooling it. He retreats and dives through the water to clean himself. He stands up and runs into the warm embrace of the jungle.

You lie there. Smiling, holding yourself.