Jan 2006

Lost Somewhere 3carrying us

You softly stroke over my body, caressing my skin until it tingles with every move you make. You feel the glow that is in me from your warmth and that which is starting of my own. Your other hand caresses your own sensitive place while you stroke me in a gentle rhythm. I feel the warmth inside you as well and it is almost too much for me and you feel it to. You lie back on your back again and leave me sitting.

You look at me and ask me to lay on top of you, so can feel me pressing against your stomach. I kiss you and hold you in my arms, you move your arms around me but your body is still a bit tingling from your own caresses a moment ago. When the kiss ends you look me deep in my eyes and nod ever so softly, asking me to come inside of you.

I very softly move down enough for the tip of my penis to press against the entrance of your center. You are still very open there and with the slightest pressure I move inside of you. It does not take long for me to be completely inside of you and I see your eyes widen as you feel myself so deep in you. Much more then my fingers, you feel filled now.

I hold my body close to you for our first movements, I move deep inside of you, making soft gentle strokes that become longer every time. Then, your body getting used to me, you start moving as well. I lean on my arms to have more room for moving and make the movements deeper and longer for you. Every time moving from almost outside of you to completely filling you. I hear you gasp the first few times but they soon change into moans.

It is so intense to feel me inside of you, I feel you surrounding me like a cocoon while your legs hold me and your hands are caressing my back. It feels so good now, our bodies move almost as one rhythm and every move is natural and complete.
Your whispered words in my ears flame my passion more and more and my hips make stronger and more pronounced movements. The feeling of you is so intense that I cannot help but move faster and faster, wishing to share my being with you so much.

You gently pushed me on my side but I never left you. My penis kept moving inside of you with every move, making you moan again and again. You pushed me even further, so that you could be on top of me, giving me the pleasure I gave you just a moment ago. I felt almost paralyzed, seeing your beauty and being one with you was almost too much.

You're taking all the control now, pressing me softly against the ground with your hands which also keep your support. Your every move and breath in a rhythm to make me enjoy it more. Your hips move on top of me, I feel ground into pure love. A course moan escapes my lips when I hear your heavy breath in the same rhythm of your movements.

It all feels so good to me, it is very difficult not to explode already. You collapse against my chest and start licking it while you still moan with every move that you make. With you so close to me my hips start making more movement again, now the movement is made by each other.

Wild, passionate, intense...

My hands move over to your back and I press my fingers into it. Almost scratching your back with all the pleasure you give me. I cannot speak, I wish to tell you I love you so much but my voice is no longer under my control. Raw moans escape my lips. The pleasure is moving in stronger inevitable waves... You feel it to, I am close to my orgasm and you want me to feel it. You want to feel it inside of you. And i cant help but moan too..

My hips move in a faster rhythm now, I lost almost all control because of you. It is so intense, so strong. I feel how you also tense up around me for your body to let me know you are close as well. And then comes the edge again, our hips in wild, fast movements. Your orgasm makes you tense up your muscles, making me cum as well. My fingers press themselves in your back, I explode inside of you and I feel you collapsing on top of me. A long coarse moan escapes my lips...

I smile gently as we both fall asleep in the warm night. I am still inside you... You are still inside me...