Jun 2010

Checklist 1Dinner

This short is, in a sense, part of an incomplete erotic checklist of desires.

Arriving home from work is always a nice moment. Usually much is achieved and there is a nice warm glow of calm now that the front door is only moments away. To my surprise, you are cooking. While it is not a surprise in itself, as your culinary efforts made my life a lot of fun, it was rare to see you unfinished with that task. One can only wonder what naughty thoughts occupied your mind as your bare back was visible, the front only protected by an apron, preventing hot drops of water or oil to touch your skin.

Not that I was complaining.

Sneaking into the kitchen unnoticed was practically impossible, with the front-door already making too much noise, but it was fortunate that your attention was mostly aimed at the food, having something tasty in mind and not wanting to ruin it.

So you just turned your head when I stood next to you, looking at the contents on the stove, giving me a smile and receiving a kiss. While your hands still slowly stirred the food and my lips teased yours with a slow, soft kiss, my fingers caressed over your back and all the way down to your ass.

I could literally feel the shiver traveling through your spine.

You were already aroused, even by such a simple touch. Not fully wet, perhaps, but definitely hot. The tip of my finger easily slid inside of you, making your knees almost buckle but I told you to continue cooking. Your flushed cheeks became even more red and your eyes looked back at the food, while my lips teased the side of your neck.

My finger easily slid in deeper, your wetness increasing exponentially as I teased you from behind, my finger pushing and rubbing over your g-spot. Your hips already were pushing backwards into me, knowing that you wanted to 'taste' something else before dinner. My penis was already stiff, but I wasn't about to thrust it in without teasing you.

Bending my knees a little as I stood behind you, it was just about possible to rub the tip along your slit. Shivers of pleasure sent through body and mind with such a simple motion. But there was a need for more, a growing need for much more. Only three words were needed, whispered in your ear.

"Beg for it."

You whimpered, very much like a bitch in heat, and tried not to show your desire too much. You liked this game, my abuse of your shyness. "Please... Do me.. Stick it in me, fuck me."

Your sentence was barely finished when I pushed in deep, the length made slick by your juices as it had been rubbing against it, reaching for your womb in but a single stride, my hands grasping your breasts to tease you even more, keeping you in place.

The thrusts were slow but deep, keeping you in your apron pressed against the stove, making sure to fill you up every time and almost fully pull out. Gasps and moans filled the air, your focus hardly on the cooking yet you would not let it burn. It was an interesting mix of sensations, the spices filling your nose, me filling your sex.

You felt that I was already close to an orgasm, your muscles squeezing to milk me, knowing it would pull me over the edge. And did. With a deep guttural moan you were filled with a uncommon common erotic spice. With a teasing nibble in your neck, my body withdrew and left you to finish cooking dinner.

With a smile and a deep blush, your finger slid between your legs and took some early dessert.