Jun 2010

Checklist 2Remote

This short is, in a sense, part of an incomplete erotic checklist of desires.

Being in town together is usually a moment of silly fun, crowds and consumer madness. But this can change very simple, with the use of a little tool, called a remote-controlled vibrating egg. It had taken me a while to find one powerful enough to go beyond what you could take. Not that you minded much.

And best of all, it was remote-controlled by radio waves, with a little more reach than expected. Still, it took some careful testing to see how well it would really work, which is why we were here. The busiest street in town. Surrounded by people, storefronts, sounds, sights, smells and distractions.


Deep within you, positioned perfectly pressed against your g-spot, the egg vibrates at a low setting. Your hand, holding mind, grasps it firmer, your step hesitating, the feelings of sudden pleasure rising above the crowd.

And gone again.

The controller was, obviously, in my hands. Hidden in my pocket, used with minimal effort and maximum precision with no warning or release for you. Just as I liked it. After you took another breath, bearing your teeth for a moment to show your (dis)pleasure.

Stronger vibrations... And gone again.

This time it only lasted a second, but it at least wiped the smile off your face, replaced by a deep blush and eyes that no longer looked at me but preferred to stare at the ground. You mustn't moan, mustn't cry out in pleasure.

We entered a clothing store, a nice one with some cheerful summer's dresses. Not that dresses were usually your thing, but any reason to leave the street was fine with you. At least it was somewhat cooler here, the air-conditioning system of the store doing it's duty loyally.


You felt it again, even stronger. You squeezed your legs together and bit your lip in response, but it didn't stop. The vibrations softened slightly, or perhaps your body got used to them enough to stand up again, but your cheeks were very flushed. You wanted it to stop, you wanted it to continue you wanted...

It stopped.

Only now, as you took a big breath, you realize that I'd moved away from you to find a nice dress. And it was a very nice one, one that I wanted you to try out. The waiting for a changing cabin was improved by the sensation of two more saves of vibrations, soft yet very pleasurable, but diminished by the words spoken just as you could enter one to try out the dress.

"No touching."

Almost sad you went to change, pulling shirt, shoes and pants off, to pull the dress over your head. It was actually a very nice one and you were somewhat surprised by my taste. It wasn't even that expensive either, so you wouldn't feel any guilt when...

Very strong vibrations just as you wanted to open the curtain.

A moan escaped your lips, but you managed to keep standing. Hopefully no one heard it. The egg stopped allowing you to breathe in again. You showed yourself, very flushed and smelling of strong arousal as the scent escaped past the cloth of your panties trying to contain it. I knew you wanted an orgasm, but that was not going to happen, yet.

I nodded and told you it looked good on you, we'd buy it.

You changed back, only interrupted by the soft buzzing starting but not stopping. You didn't touch yourself being a surprisingly good girl, but also knowing that if you would, your lips would definitely not be able to stay shut. The vibrations got higher as we walked to the register to buy what we wanted. Your legs and ass once again encompassed by jeans.

The line appeared to take forever, filled with ups and downs mostly caused by the egg inside you. It never got too high, only serving to tease you without any release. You wondered if you could still talk once it was our turn. You felt it building up but you managed to keep standing, if barely.

And it was our turn.

The people behind us were looking the other way for just a moment, distracted by some lovely belts on display, how fortunate. As the girl behind the register went through the motions, the vibrations were suddenly turned all the way up and my hands grabbed your ass, not the cheeks, but in the middle, pulling your pants back over your clitoris, triggering... Causing your orgasm.

The girl looked up at your gasp but, to my admiration and surprise you managed to keep standing. What was a moan trying to escape, managed to be transformed into a bit of a strange cough. You wanted the egg to stop vibrating inside of you so badly and yet you tried not to enjoy it so terribly. I let you be exposed for a while until I distracted the girl by actually paying, causing some delay and allowing you to regain your composure.

Somewhat. The egg stopped.

We left the store, leaving gossip behind us. The only evil thought in my mind one that I would share with you, as you were still recovering from orgasming in the middle of a clothing store, in front of people. Not that this location was any better, at least most of the people walking here had to go somewhere, be someplace else. But that didn't matter, all that mattered was your still shivering body, full of pleasure and shame, and my voice, teasing.

"The batteries are far from empty."