Apr 2010

Surrender 2such freedom

There was some time given to you, to relax, to get your bearings and to feel the warmth over your whole body. You knew the day was far from over and that the new role, your new life, had only just begun. Until now it had been easy; simple commands, simple pleasure (though intense) and clear goals. But you knew that ignorance would not last forever.

"Are you ready to be trained?" Your Master's voice clear in the silence.

"Yes." Your voice still somewhat weak.

"Master." He spoke, urging you on.

"Yes, Master."

A blush on your cheek betrayed the understanding of your mistake. He noticed it and nodded contently. It was strange to look at him, he was completely nude but walked as if it mattered naught. No shame, no fear of your opinion. His... penis, slightly stiff with the things he'd seen and enjoyed but not pointing up completely. Part of you wanted to touch it, to treasure it, hold and lick it. To show your Master how much you had adored this moment. But it wasn't your choice to make.

"Now, what shall we do with you." His voice slightly mocking. "You seem to be enjoying your time so far, perhaps a little too much. How best to teach you... Hmm..."

He rose you up from your feet, wobbly as you still were, and let you stand up straight. "Touch yourself." A command sudden and surprising.

Though your body had felt so much pleasure only moments before, you did as you were asked. Your hands moved tentatively over your own body. Softly touching your breasts, sliding over your nipples and pinching them. It was all very careful, gentle and more than a little confusing. Your Master watched, his gaze piercing through your skin into your very core, waiting for you to follow the order.

"I'm sure you've touched yourself before. Make it feel good."

His voice shocked you into the present. Causing your fingers to pinch your nipples harder, squeezing your whole breasts. You moved more natural over your body now, finding the sensitive places automatically, knowing what felt right, what made you hotter. Your nose, having shut out the smell a while ago, again noticed how strong your own smell was, and getting stronger as you spread your legs. You tried to stand in place while your fingers caressed smoothly over your legs, fluttering over your panties, teasing yourself so wonderfully. Your eyes closed by themselves, your body enjoying itself just a little bit too much.


Your hands froze in place, but they didn't stop completely. You opened your eyes and looked at him.

"If you want to continue, ask." His expression strong, demanding, leading.

A blush fought its way up from your toes to your cheeks. Every part of you suddenly burned with shame. You felt your nudity, your pleasure, your excitement and the intense desire to continue. You wanted to continue so much, so dearly.

"Please." Your voice quivering softly.

"Please what?" A slight smirk, cruel and kind.

You felt a little afraid, but so hot, so lustful, so... willing. "Please, Master."

"Good, but what do you want?"

This took you a moment to understand. The gears in your head turning as fast as they could until they presented the answer. "Please, Master. May I touch myself?"

"Very good, my little pet. You may continue, but you may not go inside your panties."

A sigh of relief, spreading all over your body as your fingers eagerly continued their play. It took less than a second for the pleasure to build back up again. The tips of your fingers flowed freely over your panties, rubbing them from the outside and causing wave upon wave of pleasure to urge you on. Your Master let it happen, gave you permission to touch yourself. Moans spreading around the room, escaping your shamed grasp. You wanted to rub your clitoris so badly, moving over it, sliding back and forth even with the cloth in between to get you closer to...

"You can't orgasm."

A sad, surprised little whine escaped from your lips, joining the echoes of the moans that were dying away in the room. Your fingers both froze in place and wanted to move even faster. The tip of your middle finger had found your clitoris directly beneath the cloth, rubbing it so perfectly. Even though it was rougher, tougher than normal, you felt so incredibly close. You really wanted to feel the release, another one of those explosions, even if it meant your legs giving out below you.

"No. Not yet."

"Please!" The word had escaped your lips, before you even realized it. Your mind feverishly sought to fix it. "Please, Master, allow me to cum!"

"You may lick me." His voice, the intonation, giving no doubts to where he wanted to be licked.

Again a whine, disappointed and confused, managed to flow beyond the grasp of your lips. Lips that, once you got down on to your knees, kissed the half-stiff member of your Master loyally. Your fingers were still sensitive and lustful and grasped the base of what was in front of you with fervor. You felt the heat, the heartbeat behind it. Your tongue explored the strange tasting skin of your Master and loved it beyond compare. It was somehow better than anything you tasted before, the intense lust of your licking tongue obviously having effect.

"Use your free hand to touch yourself while you continue." His voice vibrated a little with the successful teasing touches of your tongue.

This was a command you gladly obeyed. The tremors in your own body had far from faded and there was a sweet, intense pleasure in licking your Master's cock while your fingers touched yourself. In accordance with his earlier command, you only rubbed yourself on the outside of your last piece of clothing. There was a hidden smile on your lips as you decided this, both happy and proud that you remembered. You knew he'd notice. The collar weighed both heavy and light around your neck. It felt like it belonged, even though it was still getting used to.

It didn't take long for you to find that perfect spot above your clitoris again, that little corner to push and rub while your tongue and even your lips moved up and down over your Master's shaft. It had taken no order, no words for you to move from licking to sucking. It just felt natural, fun and pleasurable to do. You could feel the clenching and shifts of muscles underneath the skin you were caressing, betraying the closeness of his orgasm, not that your own was very far away either. But you managed to keep it on the edge, hoping that this was as your Master wished.

His voice truly trembled once he spoke. "Very, very good my pet. Are you close as well?" He waited for you to nod, as your mouth was still full.

"Do you wish an orgasm?" Again your nod. "Do you really want it?" You nodded harder, making a strange movement with your lips over his member.

"When you feel me cum, you may as well." He spoke it as strictly as the situation allowed. Your body listened, your mind listened. You knew that you would wait.

You moved your full attention back to sucking, to seducing this strange thing in your mouth to let go, to explode inside of you. The rubbing of your fingers made you feel the desire much deeper, to thrust not only between your lips, but your labia as well. But you could not, the fabric was still in the way and you obeyed. Even if the Master, possibly, could not see. Somehow you knew that it would be bad to disobey. It was hard to control though, very difficult to let your own body wait for his.

You were so close.

Too close.

While your tongue swirled around the head of his dick, you felt yourself cumming. Rather than a quick explosion, you felt it dragging you with it. Making you feel so ashamed of letting it go accidentally. It raised, higher and higher, inside of you until the tenseness even reached your lips and you sucked on your Master, hard. It triggered his orgasm. While your whole mind was still seeing stars, trying to keep yourself from moaning too much, you felt your mouth being filled with a warm, thick and sticky liquid from his body.

It didn't taste bad, actually.

You felt his orgasm making him weak on his legs, but he managed to remain standing, if only just. You swallowed the bounty of your efforts with some hesitation. It was still quite new to you and it was... strange, but not bad. Just something you weren't quite used to, yet. As soon as your mind recovered from the intensity of the rolling orgasm, you opened your eyes to look in his. Part of you expected his expression.

"You came too early, my pet, for that you will be punished." Stern, directing voice.

You hung your head. "Yes Master, please punish me." You were surprised the words had escaped so easily.

"Stand, turn around and touch your toes."

"Yes, Master."

He waited as you stood up, turned around and bend over completely, almost folding yourself double. His fingers, warm and soft yet frightening, caressed your smooth behind. You didn't know what was going to happen exactly, but you could guess. However, you were slightly wrong. Instead of hitting you with the flat of his hand, you felt your panties being pulled down and his tongue flicking over and between your butt. Shivers of confusion, lust and insanity spread through your body once his tongue found your anus. It was unreal how much shame, pleasure and weirdness could originate from such a single place.

He licked there for just a few moments too long.

Then the hard sting, the almost deafening sound of his flat hand hitting your butt. You weren't even sure that it was very hard, but his tongue, the orgasms had made it all the more sensitive. But you didn't move, you were determined to be a good pet, to take the punishment so you would learn. But there was nothing, only silence.

You were about to open your mouth when the tongue returned, this time pushing a little bit into your vagina instead of your anus. You could scream with the sudden sensation if it wasn't immediately followed up by another unexpected hit of his hand. It stung... But it also felt so nice.

Your panties were pulled back up. "Down and turn around."

Like proper pet, on hands and knees, you turned back to your Master. Your ass still red from the two sharp slaps, your face flushed and your whole body more sensitive than you had ever known. You didn't speak but just looked up at him, waiting for the next command. You loved him, you adored him, you were so thankful for being allowed at his side.

"And I love you, my pet."

You blushed strongly, as if he had read your mind. "Thank you, Master."