Apr 2007

Forest RunRun, stop, love

The moon lights up the trees around us. We run as hard as we can. Getting away from whatever is behind us. It's not close anymore but we do not want it to find us. You know these woods, know where to go. You lead on towards the circle you know so well. It's safe there, away from the world.

We enter a small glade, the silvery light showing us the soft moss and the circle of trees. This small opening in the forest is surprisingly quiet. Our breathing the only noise now that we stopped running. Not even any creatures nearby it seems. We pause to be sure, sure no one is watching us, no one is listening to us.

I turn around to you now that I am sure we're safe. I waste no time and hold you dear. I've waited for this for a long time and finally I have the chance. I bow my head to kiss your lips, soft at first. A simple touch of my lips against yours. A spark seems to fly between us, urging us to kiss again.

And we do. This time the kiss is much more intense, our lips firmly pressed together and our mouths opening to let our tongues through. They touch each other, feel each other and start an intimate dance together. We lose ourselves for a moment as our lips are locked. My hands move frantically over your body, caressing your back, neck and back of your head. I feel warm, I feel hot. My heart feels like it is squeezed forcibly and free, burning at the same time. I smile as I feel your hands and heart do the same, my own lust, desire and love reflected by you.

I hook my fingers under your sweater and slowly lift it up. You lift your arms to allow it past and our lips only lose contact for as little as possible as the fabric passes through. My own shirt doesn't get long before it gets the same treatment, your fingers pausing only on my buttons. We press our bodies against each other with layers of fabric still between us, but they will be gone soon.

Our hands move over each others back and make intricate patterns in the flesh, our kisses are frequent and passionate, our tongues forcibly playing their lustful dance.

You take the next step by pulling my t-shirt up, with me having to let you go again, and let it stay up for a moment. The shirt is blinding me, giving you the chance to bite my chest twice. You pull my t-shirt further up to give me back freedom. I use it immediately to give you the same treatment. As I lift up your shirt, your bra is loosened as well. And with the top of both our bodies naked and free, we press together hard.

We feel each others warmth and lust, our bodies tingling because of the other. I push you down onto the moss and start kissing your breasts fervently. Small bites and sucks all around your large bosom until I reach your nipples. I suck them in with pleasure and feel you shiver with excitement. As I keep them sucked in my mouth my teeth gently press into them, having you moan out loud.

My fingers stealthily try to unfasten your pants and they succeed. I move my lips away from you as I pull them and your panties down. I only stop to quickly untie your shoes and lose them as well. You lying naked in front of me is a magnificent sight. I wish to attack you with kisses again but you stop me.

You sit up to undo my belt and pants, kissing just above the edge of my belt to tease me. Your hands caress over my almost hard member over the cloth to make it even worse....

Only a moment later, feeling like an eternity by your teasing, you take off my shoes, socks and pull my pants down. Never touching my member as you do so is a pleasurable torment.

I wish to push you down again but am standing in kind of a vulnerable position. And you use it. Caressing my manhood with only the softest touch I freeze. You move your lips to give me gentle kisses along the shaft but won't take it in your mouth. You know I want to so you won't do it. The more I want to, the less you will...

I'm so stiff it almost hurts me, every minute movement you make sending shivers and waves of pleasure through my body. I can take it no longer and pull my hips away from you to push you down.

I push you with your back on the moss and use my hands and lips on your breasts. I suck your nipples in deep and bite them teasingly. I hear you gasp and moan, feeling your warmth near your legs. I move down with my lips while my hands keep playing with your breasts. Soft kisses and licks over your stomach I move down to your legs. I avoid that place you want kissed most for now. The same reason.

You open your legs automatically, wanting me as I want you. I kiss your thighs closer and closer towards your wet center. When I reach it I only kiss the outer lips, careful, teasing. I know you want more, you know you'll get it, but not yet.

I bite in the flesh where your legs reach your outer lips, I feel you shiver and bite again. I lick upwards over the side of your lips and give a small kiss where they come together at the top. I give small kisses directly on your outer lips, going down towards your little clitoris and your entrance. Not pushing yet I can already taste and feel your fluids escaping. When I reach the bottom I lick all the way up in one long slide.

I give you only a moment to find peace as I soon lick down again, harder this time, pressing my tongue between your lips and just touching your clitoris. As I reach your entrance I press only slightly to let you feel me being there before I move up again. Your body is twitching, it wants me, I want you. I lick my way up, kissing your clitoris as I go past it and giving each of your nipples a kind bite.

My member is very hard from my own pleasure and yours, it's easy to place against your entrance but I will not push in yet.

This time we both want it.

We both desire it.

You put your hands on my butt and press me in. I can't resist. I slowly slide into you, wishing to feel as much of you as I can. It only takes a moment until I thrust in completely. Your fingers press with their nails into my butt to make me thrust more. my hands rest on the ground next to you. Supporting me as I thrust inside of you.

My hips slap against yours as I go in as deep as I can. Your fingers relaxing for a moment to allow me to retreat. I pull almost out of you before I thrust back in again. Your legs wrap themselves around mine as our hands move to my back. You want me more. Faster, deeper.

I push in as deep as I can every time, pulling as far out as my length allows. The movements are quick, enhanced by your wetness, passionate. We're losing ourselves more and more within each other with each and every thrust.

I move down to kiss you again, thrusting my tongue in your mouth as I thrust my member into your entrance. Our lips are locked as our bodies and I keep on thrusting into you and you keep on pulling in even deeper.

I'm getting close, every thrust enhanced by you tightening up. Thrusting deeper and faster as I feel your skin being pulled out and pushed back in. My body twitching as I near my peak. I feel you are close as well, your breaths short and your moans high. Your eyes firmly closed as you ride a wave towards an explosion of joy.

You lead on... I feel how you suddenly tense up and press your nails almost painfully into my skin. I'm able to thrust only once more before I am dragged along as well. Emptying myself inside you I feel our shouts echoing around the trees. Our bodies feel like one ball of pure light, rushed together finally.

I collapse on top of you, panting as heavily as you. I hardly dare to move, the pleasure still very intense, everything incredibly sensitive. I kiss you on your lips. Finally united you feel all my love in such a simple kiss.

The forest is still quiet... still safe.