Jan 2007

Riding The BusOr not

We're on a bus and we still have a long way to go. It's a sunny day and you're wearing a skirt for a change. It's quite crowded in the bus, so only I have got a seat and you are standing right in front of me, hanging on one of those strap-handles hanging from the support-bar near the ceiling.

The bus drives on... It's been an interesting day so we, like most passengers, are just looking into the distance, dreaming or thinking our own private thoughts. You're standing with your back to me for a while now and an evil thought crosses my mind. No one can really see me sitting behind you so I move my hand carefully underneath your skirt and touch your naked leg. You shiver for a moment as you feel my warm fingers touch your skin. My hand moves slowly upwards, sliding over your skin as gentle as I can. You're blushing a little bit and glance back to me. I just smile and let my hand continue it's way up.

You know you'd have to be quiet, all these strangers in the bus can't know what I am doing to you or how much you enjoy it. It's part of the game, part of the fun. Very slowly I'm touching the edge of your panties and letting my fingers caress gently over them. I move slow, slow but deliberate. You definitely feel my fingers touching your outer lips while your eyes look at the people around us, them having no idea what I'm doing to you, how much I'm teasing you.

You bite your lower lip, trying to keep the gasps within yourself. I'm still only caressing the outside, following the shape of your wet lips over the thin cloth. I look up to you, wondering if you'll press your legs together to stop me, or spread them slightly to urge me on. You spread them a little, moving so little no one but me and my fingers take notice. You also press your butt backwards, trying to push my fingers around the cloth, but I'm still just caressing the outside. It feels so nice to have that warm, wet cloth stuck against your lips as I slide over them. You push back again, urging me to go in. I comply a little by pressing my fingers against the cloth. Your panties, soaked as they would be, prevent me from getting in... And I know it.

Very very slowly I grab that wet cloth between your legs and pull it away from your crotch, enough to allow my fingers through. But I don't touch you yet. You feel the warmth of my fingers as they hold your panties. You just feel my fingers brush past as I pull your panties away.

A slight gasp escapes your lips. You bite down on your lip ashamed as perhaps one or two people might have heard it and look around. You look a little flushed but smile innocently. It takes only a moment before they look away, returning to their own thoughts. You take that time to press into my fingers again, urging me once more but I keep my fingers still. You know I'm teasing you, waiting for you to give up pushing back.

I thrust a finger up into you, sliding in easily because of how wet you are. You bite your lip again, sighing deeply but inaudible. Softly I slide in even deeper and out again. You strengthen your grip on the strap above you, closing your eyes and focusing on keeping quiet... Wanting me so badly it almost hurts.

With my big hands and enough space now I gently slide in two fingers, arcing them to touch your g-spot as well moving them in a very gentle pace to make it slightly easier for you not to make noise. Your eyes still closed you lean your head back and try very hard not to moan. It's getting difficult for you, very difficult.

Suddenly I thrust directly upward into you, with my two fingers reaching you so deep I can touch your womb's entrance. You bite your lip as a moan escapes, low but audible. People look around, see your flushed face and keep looking for a moment. I keep perfectly still deep inside you, to give you a moment to get to grips with the situation. Unfortunately your breathing means you slide gently up and down my fingers... not really helping...

They look away again, probably thinking it was only their imagination, lost in their own worlds and thoughts. My fingers start moving but don't thrust, they arc themselves and relax again. Rubbing you inside. You slowly move yourself over my fingers by moving your hips, near to unnoticeable for our audience.

I keep my fingers as still as I can, enjoying how you move yourself over them. I'm tempted to move with you so my fingers no longer slide in and out of you but allow you to move for now. You almost ride my fingers, nearly getting carried away by the emotion of it. I feel how you let yourself go and sync my fingers with your movement. They no longer slide in and out of you, I keep still until you calm down.

You slowly settle again, your breathing becoming almost normal, you blush. I 'shock' you with my fingers, arcing them so you feel me sliding in and rubbing you inside at the same time. It's a fast single move. A moan escape your lips, so hard to keep quiet now.

People look around again, you hear whispers. You can't really make out what they're saying but you're sure they heard you moan. I start moving again, my fingers caressing you on the edge of intense pleasure. Slowly eyeing the people around us you smile, blushing brightly.

I still sit behind you, looking as innocent as a new-born child, looking at you with the same 'surprise' as the rest of the people. Most of them return to their own thoughts again though some, two teen girls, keep looking at you. I slowly slide my fingers as deep as possible into you, knowing they are watching but not sure what's happening and then slide slowly out. I rub you inside with my fingertips, moving them. Twitching them. Leaning your head back slightly, eyes still closed you sigh deeply, grabbing my seat behind you with one hand, the other fastened on my thigh.

A smirk crosses my lips as I conjure up a very evil plan. Since you're standing in front of me , no one else can see my 'middle region'. I unzip my pants slowly as not to be heard and thrust twice very deep and fast into you with my fingers, making you moan and sink through your knees, landing on my lap.

People look around again, but you sit still. I wait patiently until everyone looks away again. Move along, nothing to see here.

I pull, with a bit of difficulty, my already half-stiff member out. It's quickly getting harder with you this close and this wet. All it takes is a little wiggle from your hips to have me pressing against your entrance. You wriggle and writhe a little, gasping at the feeling of me so close now. I kiss you on your cheeks to whisper you to stay silent. I gently slide in you, my member rock-hard now, and let you impale yourself on me. As you bite your lip to hold in your moans of pleasure, you lower yourself on me. Feeling me enter you, enjoying me inch by inch.

You rest on my lap with me inside of you, your skirt hiding anything we have done underneath it. We're both sitting still, the vibrations of the bus our only pleasure. Each bump in the road a small thrust. I move my fingers to play a little with your clitoris. You start circling your hips, little enough to not be visible by others, but we both feel it very well. I bite my lips for a moment, still quite able to keep quiet. My breathing is now perhaps a bit irregular but nothing the other bus riders would notice. My fingers keep on playing with you as you grind on top of me.

You keep grinding slowly, enjoying the feel of me. I move my hands underneath your butt, lifting you up a little and lowering you down. It's nice to feel you so tight and warm around me. You follow my movements, tensing up to make me feel you even more.

I bite my lip again, not wanting to make any sound. You can hear my hot breathing in your ear and feel how much I want you. My member is fully encapsulated by your cave, quivering slightly in pleasure. You move a bit faster, still struggling to keep quiet and unnoticed as you ride me.

The bus stops, the sudden jolt giving us incredible pleasure but also forcing us to stay extra quiet for a moment as people get in and off. Some take a look at you as they pass by, they just shrug and step out of the bus.

My fingers, supporting your butt softly squeeze it, knowing full well we both can't move until the bus rides again. You lean my head back a bit, your ears only a hairs width from my mouth. You feel my deep breathing in your ear.

The bus starts driving again and you feel me thrust a few times. You take a quick look around before you start grinding on my lap again. The other people, most of them new, don't notice us anymore. Most of them staring out of the window, some of them on their mobile phones.

You grind a bit faster, keeping as quiet as you can, but breathing heavily. I push up into you, it's getting difficult for me to keep quiet. I lift you up and drop you down, trying to time it with bumps in the road. You tense up around me, sighing every time I enter you.

I bite my lower lip, lifting you up slightly higher so I can thrust deeper. It's hard to keep my eyes open to make sure no one notices us, quite lost in my own pleasure, forgetting to tease you. You bite your lip hard, wanting to keep quiet, but it's so hard. You grind faster and faster on me. I can feel by the quivering tension that you're as close as I am.

You've dragged me all the way to the edge of such intense pleasure, my hands keep lifting you up and impaling you on me. My member thrusting in as deep as I can. You keep grinding me, harder and harder, wanting to pull me with you over that edge.

I thrust into you as I lose myself. I stifle my moan biting on my lips. I thrust into you and fill you up with my fluid. My hands, temporarily paralysed, drop you and impale you on me a final time. You bite your finger, suppressing the moan. Rhythmically you tighten around me as you orgasm, your heartbeat as intense as my own. Gathering strength I lift you up one more time and slowly let you down again, feeling that final pleasurable thrust. You lean your head back slowly, fully enjoying your orgasm, slowly stroking the side of my thigh absentmindedly.

I shiver a little bit still. My breathing deep and calm. I stifle a giggle as I replay all this back in my mind. You smile as well, looking happily outside to the bright sunny sky. The other passengers seem mostly unaware of our adventure. Perhaps a glance here or there resting on us longer then you might expect.

The bus rides on.