Oct 2006

The ChangeUnexpected

It's starts with a girl... A normal girl still. She's got a good body that she is aware of and takes care of. She sometimes enjoys to share it with those deserving of her love and attention.

Today, however, is not a normal day.

Soon she will wake up and find something different. Her bed is empty save for her, a little sad, and is surrounded by the light of a few rays of sunlight through the curtains.

As she wakes up she rubs her eyes and is aware of something ... wrong... Her body, feeling great does not feel entirely like normal. Her chest heavy and something near her legs feels weird. She reaches under her blankets, first her chest, and gasps! Her chest is incredibly sensitive, much more then she is used to, despite her being used to her breast responding to each and every touch.

They feel softer, bouncier and stronger. They feel great! Still curious she reaches down between her legs and immediately pulls her hands back. What she felt there cannot be... Something long and smooth where her cute little button used to be. She reaches down again. Yes, it's still there.

But... but... She reaches down more and feels between her familiar folds of flesh. A little afraid she's comforted by feeling the rest is all still there.. As she touches the shaft she shivers, unexpectedly sensitive and already hardens as one would expect. She grabs it with her slim fingers and moves along the shaft.

It feels incredible! It's unlike anything else she ever felt. Intense and an immediately longing to place it somewhere warm and soft she literally tries to rip yourself from this pleasure. She doesn't want to 'use' it all yet in case it goes away. A smirk crosses her face as she thinks and knows who to invite.

She's well aware that only very few people could truly cope with something this... extreme. So she carefully selects the only person she's sure to comply. It's been a while since she spoke to her though, so tact is important.

The perspective changes...

Time speeds up, the hours lost to invite her, wait for her and get her to your room with a simple soft drink seem to be forgotten from your mind as soon as they are past.

You're sitting against your bed, trying to explain to her exactly what you felt this morning, without actually betraying the big secret. You kind of know already that she will be unable to resist playing with your 'new' breasts with this fantastic excuse. You take your time and just let her touch you lightly. You don't even get a chance to fake anything, a sharp gasp immediately betrays how sensitive you are. The air you breathe out must act like an aphrodisiac, her blushing response is immediate and clear.

She caresses your breasts oh so very gently, surprised at your strong reaction. You fall over on the ground, eyes closed and enjoying every second as she still, half in surprise, half feeling her own heat, caresses you through your clothing. You pull off the top you were wearing, nothing underneath, as your longing outgrows the current pleasure.

She, still a bit fazed by all of this, slowly reaches out to touch your stiff nipples. You gasp, arc your back and relax immediately again. You're completely under her control now, the pleasure is so much you can't stand it... But it affects her as well.

Without her even realizing, she's softly rubbing her own breasts, a reflex based on pure lust. This moment shared between you, nothing else could feel this, no one else. As she caresses your breasts you squirm lying on your soft carpet, you want to throw your clothes off, almost all of you wishes that, but it's not time yet. She undresses her top, still not completely aware of what she does to herself, but utterly unable to let you go or stop herself.

As you hear the rustle of her bra coming loose and she has to let you go for a second, you see your time to pounce her. Her cheeks are blushed from her unexpected heat. You press her back, smiling disarmingly and she relaxes after the surprise fades. You attack her, kisses and bites and nibbles are aimed at her neck, ears, lips and more. Her nipples, stiff from her own caresses soon find their way between your lips. She moans, she squirms and surrenders, completely taken away by your lust.

You slowly undress her remaining clothes, giggling and teasing her feet with her socks, slowly removing those long pants and feeling her shiver as her whole legs get a rough caress by the fabric. You slowly, very slowly remove that final piece of cloth. Not because she may stop you, but because she won't. The time makes her long even more and you well know it.

You gently kiss her inner thighs and kiss upwards. She moves her hands to your head as if you've done it a thousand times before already. But it's all a reflex. You gently kiss her lips, those warm wet lips, overflowing already with a sweet and bitter smelling juice. You let your tongue play with them for a moment, her shivers urging you to put it between those lips, almost time.

You lick her lips in their full length, she's lost. You give her another wet caress and her mind is completely lost in the cloud of lust and love. She is finally open and ready to feel what you've been hiding all this time.

Without her really noticing you undress yourself now and feel how painfully stiff that new member of yours is. Your thighs are incredibly wet from your own juices, flowing freely as much as hers. You gently lie between her legs and kiss her breasts, her chest and her lips until you put your member against her entrance.

She tenses up just as you know she would. You kiss her lips slowly, letting her feel it's all alright. She unclenched and allows you in, her legs opening like a door to wrap themselves around your waist. She does want it. Need it. You slide in...

The feeling is incredible! You feel her surrounding your sensitive shaft like a dive into the sea. It feels like a fire burning without equal and still filling you up as you fill her. Slowly, enjoying it to the full you thrust in her, feeling for the first time how it is to fill someone so completely. Each thrust feels so amazing, your feelings are fully shared with her and she gasps every time your hips meet and almost sighs as they part again.

It's so strong, it drags you along. A rush of pleasure comes and overtakes you, dragging you with her over the edge. Thrusting very fast for a moment as you both orgasm and collapse, and orgasm, and collapse. The hot lava running through your veins take a few moments to cool in both of you. Your breath still feels like the ultimate aphrodisiac as you breathe gently, lying on top of her.

You stay firmly connected to her, your hips pressed together. She will not let you go, she still needs you inside of her.

Both of you open your lips at the same time.