Jan 2006

Lost Somewhere 1A dream

A place...

A place to start...

A mystical place... A place which isn't often found anymore...

A place in the woods, gentle woods, not a jungle. No animals anywhere around us, the only sound we hear is that of the wind... And of a waterfall nearby. I led you here, because this is one of the places from my dreams, an open space, hidden from all the world by the woods. A small, but deep, crystal clear pond and a small waterfall that comes from the other side, between the rocks. It feels like a warm summer night on your skin with only the soft touch of some water in the air. There is even no grass here, only some very soft moss on the ground, a perfect place to sit together. I lead you to that patch of moss and you explore the moss with your hands while you smell the soft gentle fresh smell of it.

I sit down and simply smile, letting you take it all in. I know it's too much, I know it must all seem like a dream, so I give you time. And time you take, your eyes looking all around, looking at the bushes with their white and blue flowers, looking at the trees protecting us and looking at the beautiful clear water...

I have my eyes closed to enjoy the sounds and smells of this place but when I feel you looking back at me I open my eyes and my arms so you can sit in them. You sit down in my arms, still looking in amazement at all you see while I simply enjoy the feel of your body against my own, smelling your hair, feeling the softness of your skin. I keep my left arm around you while I raise my right hand to softly caress your cheek and neck... Your head falls back and your eyes softly close to enjoy my touch. I noticed the single heavy breath escaping your lips, so I continued my caresses of your face, tracing your nose and lips. Closing my own eyes to feel you even more.

You turn your head slowly toward mine and open your eyes to look into mine. I open my eyes as well and look gently and warmly into your wonderful eyes. I slowly move my lips toward yours, I so long to kiss you that I cannot wait any longer. I close my eyes in trust and feel you moving toward my lips as well. This whole moment when I still don't touch your lips seems to be so long... Too long.

Our lips touch...


Our lips touch and my mind simply seems to explode. My emotions roam so high that my thoughts don't even have a chance of even sparking. My whole heart seems to wrap around yours and I feel your feelings intertwine with mine. Our lips still softly pressed against each other gently open and the warmth of our tongues longs for the other. The burning in our souls only flares up when our tongues meet. The touch ever so soft, not wild but slow and gentle. If ever you have doubted my love, if ever I doubted my own. This moment proves it, this moment, no matter what will follow, already connected our souls after all this longing.

Our tongues touch each other more, they softly move against one another, still locked in our kiss. My left hand holds your right and my right hand is still touching your face, not entirely believing you are real and here in my arms. Very gently our tongues leave each other and our kiss ends... We open our eyes as if to see if everything is real.

I softly whisper: "I love you"
You whispered back: "I love you too"

An idea springs up in my mind and I feel it is a wonderful idea. You see my eyes flare up with a childish spark, like you see every time I have a wild and fun idea. I see your eyes looking questioningly in mine, you wonder what goes through my head. I smile and say: "Let's swim."

You look at me with a frightened look in your eyes and don't know what to say. I smile and simply nod a little, knowing your mind takes a long time to fathom such a thought. I slowly push you forward a little so I can stand up and take of my clothes without hesitation or shame. I'm with you alone here and you can see everything of me, always. I am not afraid.
I step into the water which is fresh but not cold, it's actually perfect and the water is deep enough in the middle to stand in for me so only my head is above the water.
I jokingly say: "Do you want me to close my eyes?"
I know you are still a little afraid of showing yourself so completely to me. I know you feel it's right, but your mind still needs some time to agree. I ask again: "Well do you? Should I close my eyes?"
You look at me and say in a soft voice: "I don't mind."

I nod very softly and watch as you slowly, still a little insecure, undress yourself. While I simply dropped my clothed on the moss you take some care and fold your clothes a little to lay them on a larger rock. I smile a very warm and soft smile, not laughing at you at all but just glad with your freedom. I stretch out my arms toward you to help you in the water when you are ready. You take my hands and step toward me slowly, I see your surprise at how nice the water feels to your naked skin.
I softly say you look incredible, like a fairy right out of a story. So soft, gentle and fragile.

You are standing in the water now, not against me because you still need to come to terms with how naked you are, but the water calms you. It feels soft to your skin and it washes away any apprehension you might still have. I take a step forward when you are standing until your neck is in the water. I pull you closer to me and you allow it. We hug. Our whole bodies against each other while we hug intensely.

It feels even stronger than the kiss, it feels almost as if our bodies will melt with joy. I very softly caress your back while I hold you in my arms. Again it takes a moment for you to come to terms with your situation, but your hands start moving over my back as well. Your fingers leave traces of the most incredible joy on my back. Leaving sparks that follow your every move. A soft breath escaping your mouth gives me the sign you feel it as well. My hands feel the softness of your skin and move all over your back and even slightly lower only to move up again to your gentle neck and feel a soft moan escaping your lips.

I trace the outline of your shoulder-bones with my finger tips and your fingers tense up every time I go back to your neck again, it seems that is your sensitive spot. I bow my head toward your neck and bite very very softly in the soft flesh of your neck. Another moan escapes your lovely lips. I kiss your neck softly while my hands move over your back all the way down to your legs. I hear your breath in my ears, I feel your heart against my body. It feels good.

The water ripples softly with every kiss I give on your neck and every caress my hands make over your body. Still caressing your whole backside gently with long strokes. I move my head up toward your lips and without opening your eyes you find my lips perfectly. Our lips almost immediately open for our tongues to caress each other. My hands are still busy with their pleasant game of caressing your skin. When they touch the roundness of your bottom you moan softly in my mouth, allowing me to taste the sweetness of your breath through our kiss.
I end our kiss and kiss and bite in your ear very softly. I whisper very gently: "Shall we lay down on the moss?"

You softly nod...