Jan 2006

Lost Somewhere 2a mere dream

I help you to the side and lay you down on your back on the moss. Now you really feel how soft and pleasant it is, the moss feels softer and warmer than even a bed. I lay down besides you and kiss you softly on your lips and caress your face with my right hand while I use my left arm to support myself. I move my right hand down over your face to your neck, to softly caress it while I end our kiss once more. Then with a single finger I trace my way downward, closer and closer to your breasts. But I do not touch them. I move over your arms so you will relax them.

My finger goes back to your chest and now I very softly go around your breasts, tracing the outline of both your soft supple breasts while you moan ever so softly. I start making a spiral, starting at the outline of your breast and moving in more and more, closer and closer to your sensitive nipple. My finger comes closer with every circle and very softly touches your aureoles. Finally it circles around the nipple itself, I hear you moan sharply for a moment and then moan again, more relaxed.

I move my finger outward and softly open my hand to allow more fingers to touch your breast. I make a circle with my whole hand over your breast without touching your nipple again. I make another circle with my whole hand and then softly take your nipple between my thumb and my spread hand to pinch it gently. It takes only a very little squeeze to hear you moan again.

I start making eights around your breasts with my whole hand and ever so often pinch your nipple, but not every time so I still hear your breath freeze when I touch either of your nipples. Your moans are becoming a bit more regular now and I decide it is time to tease you a little. I move my hand to your stomach and lower my lips until they almost but not yet touch your nipple. I wait until you open your eyes to see what I am doing and then kiss your nipple and suck on it. I hear you moaning sharply with the pleasure.

My hand moves over your stomach while I kiss your nipples and moves downward over the outside of your legs and goes to the inside to go up again, but moving to the top of your leg even before I reach that glowing place. I kiss and caress again, this time with my fingers going much closer to your glowing place, but still never touching it. Your legs move slightly to press my hand more toward you but I still don't touch the wetness between your legs. Then I move my hand very slowly down, slower then before and move my hand very very slowly up between your legs. My fingers more then deep enough to touch something if I come close enough. I keep sucking and kissing your sweet nipples while my hand still slowly moves upward, it's almost there now, almost touching the glowing wetness between your legs.

Then, with one finger, I trace the outside of your wet lips down there. Not pressing but merely tracing. Your whole body shudders with the soft touch and your legs open a little to give me more space. A long moan comes from your sweet mouth, filling the sky with the sound, honest and pure. I move my hand over your stomach again to move down, but this time I go directly toward your center, I softly allow a finger to touch your outer lips again. I am still kissing your nipples and sometimes kiss your neck and lips, enjoying every moment, enjoying every taste, while I feel your body glowing from the inside to my touches. Your legs open themselves more without you even trying as my fingers get more space one of them moves between your lips, touching between your lips for only a moment.

I softly allow my middle finger to settle between your folding outer lips, to caress where you want to be most caressed. Your center, your glowing wetness. My finger traces the inner lips and moves over the clitoris, making long slow movements so you can feel every single thing I do to you. I hear you moaning more and more and feel you getting wetter with every touch, so wet in fact that my finger accidentally slides inside of you with no pressure at all. I allow it. I slide out of you again, over your clitoris and then slide back down inside of you again. Still making long gentle movements, going deeper inside of you with my finger with every movement that I make.

I almost can't stand the sweet smell of your arousal. It is so much, it is inflaming me beyond comparison and I just have to taste you. I move down with my kisses, over your nipples, over your stomach and never let my finger leave you while I do. I move downward with my whole body and lie down between your legs with my head at your most sacred place. I softly touch your outer lips with my tongue while my finger still moves inside of you and feel you shudder with pleasure.

I gently lick in the length of your lips and savor the sweet taste of your wetness. My finger is as deep in you as my hand will allow and is stroking you inside. My lips and tongue have found your clitoris and are teasing it by circling around it in the same rhythm as my finger and your body. I adjust my rhythm completely to that of your body so you feel the most of it, your slightest movement tells me what to do. I keep on licking and sometimes suck on your clitoris. I hear you moaning in the distance I am enjoying your sweet taste and skin too much to notice.

I keep my rhythm gentle and equal to you and feel the heat rising more and more inside of you. For a moment I wonder if you want my center in yours but let you enjoy this moment instead. With no difficulty at all another finger slides inside of you and joins the other in caressing you inside. My tongue and lips never leave your clitoris, giving it pleasure in the beat to your body. Your body is heating up more and more, and my fingers fasten to join the pace, I feel an orgasm growing inside of you that looks like a tsunami on the horizon...

My two fingers arch themselves inside of you on every stroke, to make you feel yourself completely and my lips suck on your sweet and lovely clitoris while my tongue circles around it. I keep in your rhythm, feeling the buildup rise and rise with every movement. I keep moving my fingers inside of you so you feel me completely, my lips still tasting your every moan between your outer lips. Your body asks an even higher rhythm and I comply, moving more and more to feel you rise on that tsunami. In and out, around your clitoris. My whole being is doing nothing other then pleasuring your center. I feel every wave inside your body and keep moving to make you feel more.

Your hands grab my head, not wanting me to move it anywhere else and urging me to continue, you don't want to lose these waves. I keep moving, feeling your every wave, seeing the tsunami is almost hitting the shore in all it's mighty glory. I lick you more and more, and move inside of you with every lick. I feel it on the edge, you're almost over that edge, just out of reach but oh so close.

Then I feel you tensing up beneath my tongue, I feel your muscles around my fingers grab them and move in a rhythm. I feel the tingle from your fingertips flowing toward your center, stronger and stronger. A strong moan escapes your lips, filling the air with the honesty of your heart.

You cum.

I ride every wave with you, still keeping my lips sealed on yours. Your hands tense on my head and then release me as your body collapses in it's pleasures. I move from between your legs and lay down next to you, holding you while you still ride waves of pleasure.

You rise up slowly and say with a voice as soft as the wind:
"Now... Please let me..."