Apr 2010

Surrender 1Let yourself go

A doorway.

Just a front door, ordinary looking. White, white walls, large windows. Perhaps strange place to arrive, but not to behold. You weren't quite sure if you could feel comfortable here yet. A first time, for a lot of things. There was a strange feeling around your neck, the warmth of his hands, the roughness of something else. Leathery. You felt it close, your head leaning forwards to allow it. Such a simple thing, such a deep meaning.

A collar.

A kiss, warm and gentle, was planted on your cheek. Before you even realized it, the new thing around your neck somewhat distracting you, the kisser had moved, but the impression was still there. He moved around you, opening the door, the gateway to a new universe for you. A new universe with wooden floors, white walls and not much complexity. Coat hung up, shoes taken off, past the hall into the main room. Two sofas, a chair, some other things that attracted little attention. Warm dark curtains, protecting you from the world outside. It was quiet here, the walls thick and very solid. It felt very comforting. The door closed, he walked in behind you, embracing you after he too had taken off his jacket and shoes. Towering somewhat over you, his warm hands rested on your stomach, his breath felt on the top of your head.


The single word was enough to make you smile, spoken with kindness and warmth rather than force. It wasn't an order for nasty, intimate things, but rather to make you feel in your place. The collar was a token, a display of what you were. Following the command was the only natural reaction, considering the circumstances. On your hands and knees you looked up at him, your new Master. Expectant, curious, afraid and surprisingly excited.

His hand caressed your hair, brushing it along your face and sending shivers down your spine as the fingertips rubbed just behind your ear. A simple gesture, kind and attentive. If anything you weren't a dog, but a cat. A pet that would follow some commands, perhaps, but also wanted to receive attention, to be taken care of, rewarded and, perhaps, sometimes punished. If you had a tail, it would be swaying from side to side.


The command came not entirely unexpected. The Master's fingers brushed over your hands and arms as you stayed on your hands and knees as much as possible, first pulling off your top. Like a proper pet, you made it more than just an action. You moved and swayed elegantly to please the eyes that gazed piercingly at your body. Your cheeks flushed as shame, apprehension and insecurity flared up, but you continued. Your bra slid off your arms smoothly, exposing your upper body completely. For a moment you wished those teasing fingers would touch there, but you daren't ask for it. Instead you continued to obey.

Moving a little awkwardly, sliding your pants over your behind and further down over your knees, you managed to stay low while your legs were exposed. You dared to look up at him, to meet the gaze and look for approval. There were no words, but a single nod was more than enough to make you continue. You were beautiful to him, appreciated fully.

All perfect.

Your socks slid smoothly off your feet, joining the rest of your clothes in a gentle pile. The last item of normal clothing, your panties, were a hesitantly hooked by your fingers. But his hands stopped you. He raised you up to stand up straight and walked around you, his penetrating stare looking at you from all sides. Even though the curtains were drawn and you know you couldn't be seen by the world, you felt more exposed than ever before.

"Now me."

Still embarrassed, feeling even more naked with the collar around your neck and panties still on, you gingerly moved around your Master. As delicately as possible, you undid his shirt, button by button, but moved as fast as you could. His eyes followed you everywhere, every movement, but a smile on his lips urged you on. Your fingers screamed with pleasure when they could finally touch his chest, once the shirt was sliding away. It took a lot of effort not to purr against it.

His pants gave you a bit of trouble, especially since your fingers felt the heat hidden below the cloth. But you moved as best you could, sliding them off his legs, off each lifted foot. His socks soon joined and he stood there as you did. Almost fully naked. Again your fingers moved towards the edge of the last bit of clothing, but this time you were almost more surprised not to be stopped.

It slid down, you didn't yet glance at what it would reveal.

You stayed on your knees once you had slid it beyond his feet, not averting your eyes from the ground until he would order it. You were curious, very excited and intensely sensitive at the moment, but it wasn't your place to move. He smiled and stood before you, powerful and tall, protecting and demanding.

"Clean me, everywhere."

This confused you, for just a moment. You were a cat, and soon you recalled how cats clean. You moved forward to his feet, still close to the ground with your whole body, and started to lick. It wasn't bad, it wasn't good. It was just skin. Those first moments of ignorance passed as you realized what you were really doing. Then the wave of submission flowed along your mind, the licks becoming more desiring, more tempting.

His shins, calves, knees and slowly his upper legs. Your tongue continues to make small movements all over his skin. You could feel the muscles below, moving and enjoying your tantalizing teases. You arrived, bit by bit, to a place where you would finally find out if some things spoken of before were true. And they were. Your tongue explored his inner thighs, slowly moving over the skin hanging on towards the long, thick and hot exposed skin. Already stiff.

"Continue higher."

The words came as a shock, almost breaking in your dream-like state of confusion, lust and pleasure. You had enjoyed it so much, feeling the strength of him, what he could use for you, the reaction it caused in your body. There was a scent in the room, you knew it to be of yourself. Your legs were slightly spread, knees apart, as you worked your way further up. You wanted to touch yourself so much, your hands used only to balance yourself, fingertips itching to touch skin, be it yours or his.

But you obeyed.

Your licks brought you over his stomach, his chest, his shoulders and neck. You had to stand up on your toes to lick further, along his jaw and finally his lips. He opened them and you could swear your tongue had been sucked inside, even though he had made no actually attempt at it. His face met yours, his lips pressing, his tongue playing. A deep, very intimate kiss, spoiled or rather enhanced by the stiffness that plagued your lower stomach.

"Don't move" His voice warm and intense.

Your body did as he asked, almost without your consent, and you felt yourself getting so light, so sweet as he picked you up in his arms to sit you on one of the sofas. You were still wearing your panties, the collar almost forgotten but present as well, and wished your wetness had not infected them as much as they did. As soon as he spread your legs, you could feel the wet spot cooled by the passing of air. All the muscles felt so weak and smooth, wishing for nothing more but to be touched, teased or pleasured. Or all three.

Your arms were put on the back of the sofa, keeping you as open and exposed as you could possibly be. The thin layer of cloth that protected your most sacred place did nothing. It felt like it was fully visible to his eyes, the wetness encompassing it so tightly that the shape of you had already been betrayed. But there you were, arms spread, legs open, fully at the mercy of your Master.

"Do NOT move." For the first time there was some force in his voice, emphasizing how important it was for you to obey.

There exists no word for how gladly you did so.

He started with your feet, softly licking and biting your toes. It send shivers all through your legs, up to and beyond the area between your legs. You fervently wished you could stop the twitches that occurred every bite that he gave, but everything was simply too sensitive. He bit your heel, the back of your legs and moved up, biting and kissing especially the tendons of your muscles, causing shivers, shocks and tiny explosions of pleasure and pain to move through your body.

As he moved up, closing in on your hips, he spoke more words than he had so far. "You are not allowed an orgasm, nor are you allowed to beg for one this time. Understood?"

With fear, admiration and more lust than you had ever felt... you nodded.

He bit on the tendons on the inside of your thigh, so agonizingly close to your labia. You wished he'd bite in your crotch, biting in the center of your panties. Ripping them apart, tearing them from your body with so much force that your legs would have red burns from the cloth. But he didn't, what he did was much worse.

He bit in your stomach, the lower edge of your ribs, just below your breasts and then the lower curve of those smooth shapes adorning your chest. His bites, his nibbles and teases led him all around both of your breasts before he finally centered in on one of the other sensitive and now hard places on your body. Your nipples. One bite was enough to make you twitch so hard, so intense that you were genuinely afraid of orgasming already.

Then the other one.

It brought you closer to the edge, drifting in a pleasure that was so intense, so confusing, so completely dominating that you thought of nothing else but gratitude for your Master in those rare parts of your brain that were still functioning. Your body obeyed, even if you weren't sure how. As his tongue swirled around your nipples once more to tease you, your body stayed, balanced dangerously on the very tightrope above the chasm of orgasm.

"Close your eyes." He needn't have asked, the intensity had already forced them closed, but you knew you wouldn't open them.

For a moment, a painful, terrible moment, you could no longer feel his presence, his weight, his closeness. You weren't sure where he was, a flash of panic coursing across your soul. No sound but your breath, no smell but your own, your sweat and lust. It lasted longer, seconds passing. Your body so tense with the closeness of release, your desire so great, but you obeyed. You fully obeyed.


The bite you had wanted all along, precisely on your trigger, your clitoris. Even though the cloth of your panties was still in between, as wet as if you had been sitting in a bath, you felt it fully. You came...

His teeth were still resting against your flesh, roughened by the cloth, while your body was twitching, thrashing, exploding. The waves, the enormity of them had taken you completely by surprise. A soft lick, just as the major intensity had passed triggered another, smaller orgasm.

He let you recover, gave you time to feel all those waves, shivers and pleasure coursing through your body. He stood up and smiled at his beautiful pet, a smile that was both warm, protecting as knowing. He knew your sensitive spots, knew your weaknesses, he knew all about what you wanted, desired and needed. And you trusted him completely.

"You have done well, my pet. You have made me proud."

Your warm blush, your fingertips tingling as they released the fabric of the sofa and your smile was all the answer that he needed.

"And this is only the beginning."