Nov 2022

Nimja Inc Halloween Contestby various artists

The second time we did a Halloween contest. Last year it was Wisdom Halloween Contest and this year it's Nimja Inc. This year, even more so than the last, I was blown away by the variation and ideas that came up.

In fact, this year the concept of "fan art" was really varied and surprising. Picking a winner was more difficult than ever before. I feel like I should reward the honorable mentions somehow...

Thank you all so much for all the entries!

The Winner - The Listen Configuration

Artist: Daniika
A variation of the Lament Configuration (from Hellraiser). Nimja Inc has constructed a puzzle box that is absolutely devious to solve. Who knows what happens to you when you open it? And yes, it's a real object that is apparently on its way to me.

Alternate view - Small video

Honorable Mentions

The Ballad of Nimja Inc

Artist: Algorhythmique
Also a very original take on the theme. A song about what would happen to you if you happened to Trick or Treat at the Nimja Inc offices.

Listen to the song - The lyrics (pdf)

Operation: Monster Lab

Artist: Official Moose of Canada - On ReadOnlyMind

This one is... strange. Incredibly imaginative and quite the read. Not to mention chock-full of references and in-jokes. (And yes, Moose got permission for all the cameos!). Let's hope Nimja Inc doesn't turn into a SCP subsidiary.

Operation: Monster Lab (pdf)

Other submissions

In chronological order.

Consuming Costume

Artist: Suzi

There's always a few new products around Halloween, like this really nice bimbo costume by Nimja Inc.

Ghost in a Jar

Artist: Mokerly

"Caught while tidying the office for the annual Halloween party, this find should be immediately reported. It is, however, most sparkly and shiny. One wonders who really got caught here."

Who indeed...

Perfectly Innocent Candy

Artist: Annalise de Fere - On ReadOnlyMind

A bowl of nice, tasty candy that doesn't, in any way, do anything special... right?

Animated version here: View on YouTube

Sir Nimja

Artist: KJ_Flammedatter

Once upon an entry scary, which used patterns that were nary
Reminiscient of a poem with a raven from before.

Sir Nimja poem (pdf)

Kept In the Dark

Artist: Mokerly

You should be very careful when missing memos at the Nimja Inc offices.

Quality Assurance

Artist: Kady

Giving out free masks for a Halloween party at the office? Surely nothing strange is afoot. You have to know if they work well, of course.

Nimja Pumpkin

Artist: Kraent

A common decoration in the office, somehow the flickering seems to draw you in...