Jun 2008

Chapter 252Drowning Drops

Leaving Hitori and Nuru behind in the living room, taking the clothes with me, I stepped into the bathroom and looked around for towels. To my slight surprise, Hitori had thought ahead and left a fresh towel ready for me. Now that I knew where my towel was, all was well.

I got out of my underwear, feeling surprisingly free and looked in the mirror. What I saw was an elegant girl that appeared to be grown a little. But...

I looked again. It wasn't that my breasts had really grown or anything else had changed. I just had a different way of looking at myself. Instead of seeing my body as something that was there, it was something I had. Now that I actually had spend more time looking at others, appreciating their beauty or their form, I could see it in myself as well.

And my form definitely had become more noticeable because of it. The vampire blood did strange things to me as well. My skin was slightly paler than the last time I saw it in a mirror, my eyes somehow... brighter?

No, that wasn't it.

The colors were more intense, as if they reflected more of the light. It almost appeared iridescent, shimmering a little in the light between the green and blue that was already in there. It was subtle, but it definitely made my eyes look pretty.

And my hair...

I can't remember a time when it looked so good, so healthy. With every movement it almost appeared to flow, it was...

With a blush I realized I was enjoying my body a little too much. For some reason I felt like rediscovering myself. My hands lightly touched the skin on the top of my breasts. A shiver went through my body, it was so sensitive, so sensual.

My eyes closed for a moment while I held my fingertips completely still. Their warmth caused small ripples in my body, even without moving. And every breath caused a gentle feeling of pleasure to flow from chest to my feet.

Snap out of it, Amy!

When I opened my eyes, my cheeks were still showing a red hue in shame. Though it probably wasn't all shame. I forced myself to turn on the shower and shivered again when the fresh water cooled the air around it. Fortunately it was one of those temperature showers, which only required you to turn the tap for water and the other for how hot you wanted it.

While the shower warmed up I looked in the mirror again, but this time at my necklace and bracelet. They looked really pretty on my naked skin, but did I want to keep them on while I showered? I decided against it. Having them back was enough for now. Gently I got them off again and put them on the towel. With a glance back at them and a smile on my lips I stepped under the streaming water.

The water was perfect.

I closed my eyes as I almost felt every individual drop patting my skin as it fell, caressing it when it flowed down. Slightly tickling my whole body, causing my nipples to stand firm.

Slowly I turned around, the water brushing my body clear of tension from every side. My lips curled in a permanent smile with the sensations of my body, caused by the flow of warm water.

My hands touched my skin lightly, it was sensitive and responsive, goosebumps all over my body, trailing my touches and some of the wayward drops. A slow sigh escaped my lips. It was time to wash myself.

I reached for the soap but something in me warned me that it wouldn't actually help my skin. My skin felt very smooth and healthy and soap would only dry it out, make it less sensitive or something. But I wanted to smell it somehow, give myself the feeling that I was cleaning myself properly.

The soap wasn't a bar, but a small bottle with a reddish thick liquid. It smelled vaguely of... cinnamon? It was very nice actually, not too strong and definitely not too soapy. Now, how to use it?

Instead of getting away from the water and really soap myself, I stayed under it. I caressed my skin with the soap in my hand, the water immediately thinning it out so the smell of cinnamon and flowers filled the shower without too much of it drying my skin.

Yes, this felt about right.

Then I had to wash it all off. I obviously took a lot longer than needed, eagerly enjoying the waters' warm, cascading caress.

For some reason when I closed my eyes I imagined a different image. One that might have filled me with dread or sorrow if it wasn't for the warmth in my body at the moment. The image in front of me was that of rain on Rain in her back yard. Every drop a reflection and a refraction of the world around. Somehow part of her, her eyes, her being spread out over the city. And every time a drop fell on her, it brought with it the echoes of all their brother and sister drops.

Here, underneath the warm shower, it was like a distant echo or a subtle reflection. The image made me smile. It explained something to me I hadn't felt consciously before. It was when Rain had called for me, searching me through the storm.

As I turned off the shower I listened to the last drops, imagining the rain finally stopping. The storm passing on.

The calm after the storm...