Jan 2011

To-Do 2011Who needs resolutions

New-years resolutions are for those people without aspirations to become evil overlords. Which is a good thing, naturally. Too many masters of doom trying to take over the world every night, assisted by weak-willed witty wannabes, would just muddle up the waters for those more serious.

  • Use my considerable intellect and technical prowess to devise a consistent method to mind-control the general population.
  • Take over the world using previously mentioned method, crowning myself as the surpreme evil overlord of earth.
  • Realize that the whole world is a pretty big, boring responsibility and change plans
  • Immediately notice the potential of creating a willing harem of the most beautiful slaves.
  • Reject harem plans as synchronised periods, shared accross the harem might be considered 'bad'.
  • Continue memiors of nymphomaniac serial killer.
  • Procrastinate less when plotting the downfall of those who oppose me
  • Make friends that do not desire to end my life in interesting ways
  • Break friendship with friends that do desire to end my life in interesting ways
  • Kidnap a rich man's daughter for ransom, then replace her
  • Get ethnicity and gender operation for the kidnapping
  • Fail to notice the flaws in the kidnapping plan
  • (probably)Visit a state-funded involuntary hotel.