Sep 2009

Report 12The Need

I feel the need, the need for speed. And, quite conveniently, a friendly zombie that I'm naming Rob was kind enough to oblige. And, to make things even better, Rob is not your average garden zombie (though why someone would want a zombie in their garden is anyone's guess). No, instead, Rob is a very fast moving example of the species, able to easily match a running person and surpass them. Though they usually stop for a little bite first.

I'm not sure why, but apparently, zombies do like to look through me, thinking, perhaps, it makes them look more sophisticated. To be honest, I'm quite fascinated by the growls this one makes. It's a much higher scream, as if they're almost enthusiastic about their role in the world. Oh, and one more thing, he has a watch.

Now, while this is not completely weird, they mutated from humans after all, this one is working. And digital.

Very strange and intriguing, but hey that is all I... eh... live for.

Keep looking!