Oct 2009

Report 13Zombologist

Wow, being worn a fast zombie has sure changed my perspective. Not only does he run fast, but he likes to climb as well! Rob seems to have an admirable sense of smell. Today he climbed up a building to the tenth floor and found a person hiding there, a person who had been otherwise completely silent and unseen. After a short and somewhat surprising chase, it was time for a well-deserved meal. Now the chase in itself wasn't very spectacular. Some bullets were fired from a handgun, creating new and interesting interruptions in the paintwork on the walls.

What was, however, interesting was the fact that he could run that fast at all.

And the guy looked both well equipped and nourished, if a little bit out of shape. His running was less than impressive, as well as his aim. How had that guy managed to stay alive for so long. Anyway, his surplus nourishment was definitely a bit of an oddity in these times. As well as the the equipment that he was using. It looked like surveillance equipment, with a recorder, some sort of microphone and very large binoculars. It was a little hard to tell exactly, as I could only glance at it at full speed, but it definitely made me raise my immaterial eyebrow.

Someone was studying zombies? A zombologist?

Well, Rob and I have decided to go deeper into the city. Possibly more his choice than mine, his actions guided by the smell of more breakfast, lunch and dinner at hand. But with this kind of strangeness at the edge of the city, I can only wonder what we'll discover further inside. I do so love intrigue.

Keep looking!